Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Successful Saturday Morning

I spent four hours of pretty hard labor outside. DH did the grocery shopping leaving me free to do two loads of laundry, wash outdoor furniture, plant the autumn crocus, and cut down the garden near the tree removal area. DH almost always does the grocery shopping, although the past four weeks or so, he has wanted me to go with him (a habit I must break him of real soon! LOL). I feel like I accomplished a lot - even got the cornucopia arrangements done.

Here are both arrangements in their new home


  1. How colorful! I like cornucopias too and have a few to 'dig out' myself!
    Do you add anything to the water in your arrangements? (Like the stuff they give you in flowers from the grocery store?)
    I am really jealous that your husband food shops for you. It's such a chore to me, esp after doing for it over 21 years! When Brian goes, he gets way too many forbidden goodies.

  2. You do have a way with color. I love the quilt too. How about a closeup?

  3. So now I know what tablescaping is, huh? Very cool!

  4. Kerry, I would run out take a close up, but I have left it out for the past week and now it is raining and the poor thing is soaked! I will try to remember to do it when it dries out. It is a baby quilt that I made 25 years ago! I was trying to learn crazy quilting at the time. All the edges are zigzagged on a machine.


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