Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Fall Side Garden

So many perennials are so fleeting. It is rare to find one that blooms more than three weeks. As gardeners we are always seeking the perfect combination of plants, choreographing bloom times so that we always have one plant coming into bloom as the prior plant fades into its state of hibernation. It is often frustrating -- usually we can get a small garden to look good (even great) for one season, but then we have only sporadic blooms the remainder of the gardening year.

I have shown you this area twice before - in the spring and in the summer. Now I am showing you the same area in the fall.

I think this is one area I have succeeded in getting right. I like that it is totally different each season - brilliant orange in spring, subdued pink/white in the summer, and bright yellows/purple in the fall.

It is a small area jam packed with flowers. I am amazed that they continue to bloom as well as they do, being planted almost on top of each other. This spot gets almost no additional water as my hose won't reach unless I put two together and the only time I will go to that trouble is in a severe drought. I weed it thoroughly in the spring and rarely thereafter. I do cut down the spent poppies, mallow and daisies as soon as they are finished to make room for whatever is coming next.

Right now it has black-eyed Susan, 'Annette's flower' (the yellow bush daisy), an aster or two, and, of course, Sedumn AJ.

I think this area looks pretty decent in all seasons with very little work on my part.

Here is a picture from the other direction so that you can see the full size of it.


  1. I love that you put the spring, summer and the fall of the same spot. So cool that the colors are so different in each season. Now...I know there's no flowers in winter, but it would be neat to get a shot in winter of that spot too and you'd have all the seasons. Frame them together in a single frame with four mattes and of your garden.


  2. One perennial that has been blooming all summer long (and still is blooming tons) is my burgandy gallardia. :)

  3. I like seeing the same area in different seasons too. I still have a few Shasta daisies left on my solo plant. : )
    You can actually plan gardens for winter too Taracotta. I have seen several gardens one of which is in my Garden Theme book. Start with evergreens and grasses. They look neat covered with snow. Isn't that a dirty word!

  4. oh wow! look at the echinacea. love it all... I can't wait til I can get in the garden this spring & summer... it is still a little too cold to be planting.

  5. Ms robyn, you will soon be the envy of us all, as we are shoveling 2 feet of snow, you will be just beginning your gardening season. I will be reading all the Aussie blogs to get my gardening fix.


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