Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Playing with your Camera

It is fun to take pictures at odd angles just to see what you will get. Try sticking the camera into the plant and shooting up. You can get some interesting shots.


  1. Great idea Zoey...I will try that today and post what I get. LOL


  2. I can just picture you lying on your deck taking pictures.LOL

  3. Good one Sandy!
    Clever shots Zoey-keep them coming.

  4. LoL, Sandy. I have certainly done that MANY times!!

    taracotta, I will be visiting you later tonight (have to go get my nails done now) to see what you get.

    Thanks, Dianne. Did you post a pic of your chef shaker for me yet? pretty please?

  5. LOL I am going to try your tricks my pictures may be half decent then.


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