Friday, September 16, 2005

Breck's order Arrived

My Persian Blue Allium bulbs from Breck's arrived today. I opened them as soon as I got home from work and went immediately outside and planted them. I shall now be waiting for spring.

I must say that I was not too impressed with these bulbs. Out of 20 bulbs, three were moldy and soft. Did anyone else receive theirs? Dianne?


  1. I recieved bulbes from dutch gardens and all of them were plump and healthy (the cost less then brecks too)

  2. Not yet Zoey, but I got an email that said they were mailed.
    I would send them an email for replacement of the moldy ones you received.
    I had a similar experience with irises I ordered from Georgia and they sent me two new ones which were a mass improvement.

  3. I did email them last night. I am sure they will replace them. They have a 100% lifetime guarantee. Even if they bloom and you do not like them, they say they will replace them no questions asked. It is just a pain to wait now for the replacements and then have to plant again. GGG, did you get all your planted, too?

  4. not yet LOL. I am finging the pup takes a LOT of my time up jsut keeping an eye on him. He is like a toddler lol. I am sure in a couple weeks he will have learned the house rules and I will have more time (bless his little heart!) I will try to get them planted monday.


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