Tuesday, September 13, 2005

World Naked Gardening Day

And I missed the celebration!

Did you all know that September 10, 2005 was "World Naked Gardening Day"? Yes, indeed, a day dedicated to gardening in the buff.

You can read about it here

But be forewarned that they do have pictures of those "gardening as nature intended".


  1. Yeah I forgot about that day...the silly thing...I was still in the buff skinny dippin LOL!

  2. Why? I guess they do 'wear' their Deet or lemon balm to avoid getting stung or bitten in unusual spots!
    The lady riding the bike made me cringe!

  3. Man My husband would have loved that day!! *grin*

  4. Ive done it before....lol the bugs arent too bad this time of year :)

    of course...im the one scratching at the freakin chiggers I picked up over the weekend :|.

  5. September 10 is just a mite cool for naked gardening over here. At least that's my excuse, along with about a thousand others if that one doesn't work.

    Actually I've never heard of 'naked gardening day' and I'll be sure to forget it by next year, too!

  6. Huh. That last photo kinda sorta almost looks like my body type... If my garden wasn't open to the busiest road in the sub, and across from the kid's playground... nah, who am I kidding? I'm the one that wants one of those old-fashioned swim suits that covers you from elbow to knee....!!!

    Fun to look at the pictures and daydream about tho... a reverie of the garden of eden, no?

  7. LOL Jenn!
    I have a very public yard too! Wouldn't work for me either.
    And how did Zoey run across that site? Wishful thinking? LOL

  8. Thank you for the link! Interesting to learn that eccentricity in gardening isn't just English anymore. Susan

  9. Thanks...but no thanks. LOL


  10. I wouldn't want to scare the neighbors! I did mow my lawn topless one day to give my hubbie a laugh. He laughed. I cringed to Dianne when I saw the girl on the bike.


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