Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Woman Cannot Live by Gardening Alone

Sometimes I do have to do something else. I enjoy cooking/baking, but rarely have time to do anything beyond the preparation of dinner during the summer months. I have been hungry for my English Muffin Bread, which I bake and then freeze to take to work. This stuff is sooooooooooo delicious toasted and spread rather generously with butter (real butter if at all possible). See all the holes in it? Just like an English Muffin. One of the great pleasures of my life...


  1. Recipe please? Or direct to it? It does look scrumptious!

  2. mmmm. I love fresh baked bread...unfortunately so does everyone else. Between my husband and my ssister I ended up baking four loaves at a time just to have some left at the end of the day!!

  3. oooo my hubby LOVES english muffins...I bet I would really earn some points (and some new garden plants) if I baked him some of that....

    Recipie please? :D (shamelesly begs)

  4. Yummy. I would love the recipe too.

  5. I am not ignoring you all -- I was looking yesterday for the floppy where I thougt I had the recipe saved. Have not found it yet (it takes a while to search as I have a couple hundred of floppies). I will retype it if I don't find it today.


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