Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Miniature Asters

I purchased these miniature asters from Breck's years ago. They probably should have been pinched back a few times to maintain a neat little mound. I will have to remember that for next year. (how many times have we all said that?)


  1. hehe, pinching back. I always say that I will, and never do.

  2. I pinched my asters (that sounds twisted) but they seem to be struggling to come into bloom this year. I think I'll leave them alone next year. Our season is too short, maybe?

  3. Sabine, Did you stop pinching around the 4th of July to give them time to make blooms? I do usually cut my big asters severly back each year and that does indeed cause them to bloom about two weeks later than they normally would.

  4. I stop pinching at the end of June. But I guess it's not enough time.


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