Sunday, April 24, 2005

Where's the Maid?

Sundays are usually my "heavy cleaning" days. I am afraid that today I am not getting too much cleaning done. I decided I might as well sew all the blocks together rather than put them all away from the star log cabin below. It is taking much longer than I expected as I have spent way too much time socializing with the seam ripper. I just ripped out a 3ft. section that I put together backwards and decided it was time to break away for awhile. I was reading Dianne's blog . She posted a picture of a yo-yo quilt her Great Grandmother made in the 194o's. What a wonderful heirloom to have. I don't have any family heirlooms like that. I wonder if one day someone will treasure one of my quilts enough to save it for over 60 years? I would like that. It is STILL snowing here. We are supposed to get another 10 inches. I have to go to a family birthday bash for dinner tonight. Hope the roads are not too slippery.


  1. Zoey. I just found this new site. You are too funny. Love, Mom

  2. Eek gad! Look at that snow! I am into 'green' right now. : )
    Glad you liked my grgrandmom's quilt. She apparently made it out of old clothes and sheets. It's getting really faded. Should I fix it? I would have to add new yo-yos to it to do so. I look at the little stitches she made and feel a connection to her.
    Your quilts are masterpieces and will look a lot better than the yo yo one I have in 60 years time!

  3. Dianne, I would be tempted to just leave it as is and display it folded to show its best side. If you replace the yo yo's, then you also replace all those tiny little stitches that your GG lovingly put in.


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