Thursday, April 28, 2005

A few months ago my 15-year old vacuum cleaner died. I had been researching the Dyson vac for some time and decided to take the plunge and order it. My dear husband was not so enthused. The Dyson is expensive and he thought another $99 Walmart model would be just fine. I printed many raves from new Dyson owners and made him read them. Against his better judgment, he finally relented and I hopped online and made the order.

Here is DH admitting he was wrong. Yes, after one use, he, too, was sold. This is a quality vac--the best I have ever owned.


  1. I waffled back and forth over getting a Dyson. I read so many comments online that they were worth the extra money, though I did give in and got a cheaper one anyway, a Bissell Cleanview II, I think. Still, the bagless vacuum is so much better than my crummy old vacuum. I think I vacuumed my entire house the first day I got it because it was just fun to see how much dust it picked up.

  2. Well, if your hubby did the vaccuuming I would give him a 'thumb's up'.
    I have a 12 amp Bissell Powerglide. I have to change the bag every 3 weeks as I have a teenage son and a cat.
    How is cleaning that baby out? I don't think I could handle getting a big whiff of dust in my face.
    Glad you are enjoying your new vaccuum. : )


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