Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I may have jinxed myself by writing about work. It was not one of my better days on the job. I had an important luncheon of 128 people for a good client. At the end of the event, I always like to find the client and see how everything went. I found her. I asked. She handed me a beautiful plant (see below) and said, "I'd better give you this because you are going to need it." She was right. It seems that the service was very poor and they were not happy. I apologized profusely, took money off her bill, apologized again, and I still feel down. It really bothers me when a client is not happy. After spending 9 hours at work, I come home and can't stop thinking about what should have been done differently.
The servers are not under my control. I don't hire, fire or train them. I only take the wrath of the customer when they do not perform up to standard. Tomorrow I will call the client, grovel a bit more and hope that she will not pull her next big luncheon in June.

The plant is beautiful, don't you think? Do notice that I photographed it on my quilt so that you could see that I have indeed done the binding (well, still only 3 sides).

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  1. There is definitely something to 'you can't hire good help anymore.' Sorry about your luncheon trouble. Your plant is lovely.


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