Saturday, April 23, 2005

There will be no garden work for me today. We have 6 to 12 inches of snow predicted today and more tomorrow. One day last week it hit 80 º. We Michiganders are used to unpredictable weather. I am rather happy about it as I am still in the quilting mood and cold, snowy days just increase the desire. I just finished piecing 25 log cabin blocks. You would think I would be bored with the log cabin, but I actually find it the most peaceful block to just sit and sew. I had a big stack of blocks left from the quilt I just finished (55 blocks to be exact). I originally intended to do the entire quilt in greens, but once I finished all the blocks, I decided it was too dull, so I made other colors to combine with the green. Now I have 80 blocks done, almost enough for another king size quilt. No plans yet to put together another quilt top. I will just keep making blocks and decide what to do with them later. I have never actually planned an entire quilt. I usually just have a vague idea of what I want, start putting blocks together and eventually I have I quilt.

I went to a church sale today. It was jam packed with people. I could hardly walk in there. Nonetheless I did find a couple of little treasures (see pic below). Then I went to JoAnne’s and whooo hoooooooo hit the jackpot! It was another 50% off already clearance priced fabric. I bought 7 fabrics (21 yards total) for $21. I passed on their regular quilter calicos fabric, the stuff that is usually $3.99/yd. For a buck a yard I want only the better quality fabric (LOL)! Everything I bought was regular priced $7.99/yd. It is already in the washer. I do love a bargain. I am experimenting with my fabric purchases (at these prices I can afford to). I am buying many fabrics that I consider UGLY in their entirety. I am thinking that when cut into smaller units, they will look much better and provide a bit of punch. I am getting bored with my usual safe fabrics.

Has anyone tried the new dark chocolate M & M’s? I bought a bag last night and am going to make cookies with them. I thought I would make a little treat for my dear husband who was by my side the entire hour in the fabric store and did not (even once) grumble. The man is a saint.


  1. Gee, think the snow will stay around long? It's really late for snow isn't it? The latest we have had it here is around the first week in April.
    We also had the 85 degree weather last week. I took advantage of it by weed whacking and racking more. The gardens look so much better.
    And I love a good sale too! You did great at JoAnns.

  2. I love that sawtooth star in the middle of the quilt...Log cabins patterns are so neat...I've never made one, Just a few blocks here and there for it though!!!

  3. Thanks, Brit. They are very easy to piece with strip piecing.

    Dianne, I hope the snow doesn't last. Weather forecast is only in the 30's for next week, so It could be here for a while.

  4. Bummer. I know you are probably itching to make your gorgeous collections of florals in pots, etc.


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