Sunday, April 17, 2005

Weekends go by too fast. On Saturday we went to a casino in Michigan's upper peninsula with my Mom & Dad. We had a good time, but I lost all my money--oh well, maybe next time I will win it back.

Early Sat. morning, I sewed the binding to my log cabin. Today I watched taped episodes of "Simply Quilts" while slipstitching 3 sides. One more side to go and it is ready to put on the bed.

It was a beautiful day here (nearly 70 ยบ). I worked outside a few hours, planting 6 Alberta Spruce shrubs in the rock garden. They are very tiny, but will slowly grow to about 8 feet. I love them (I already have 7 of them). I also did some more border cleanup, but was not really in the mood for that today. My energy level seems to be declining each year. I can no longer spend 8 - 10 hours working like a mad woman in the gardens. After 3 or 4 hours of rather slow paced work, I have pretty much had it. So it takes me a lot longer to get the spring chores done these days.

I had DH haul my cana lily out from under the crawl space of the house where I stored it through the winter. In the fall I just cut the foliage off the plant and stick it under there right in the soil. I never look at it again until spring. Today I looked and was sooooo excited when I saw it was alive (see those two little pink shoots? It is still way too early to leave it outside, but I will stick it in the garage each night. Looking at this, you may wonder, "Why is she so excited about that?". LOL. I know it does not look like much at the moment.


  1. I like the photographs of your plants. I am a container-garden-person myself, but mostly your common-or-garden :) market-bought pots. Besides which my husband has a transferable job, so amassing lots of diverse containers isn't worth thinking about. Can't stand the thought of giving away all my plants each time we move :(
    Thanks again for the pics.

  2. So nice to have you visit, misfit. Hope you stop by again.


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