Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hectic Week

It was a hectic week at work. My convention group kept me running. On Friday I even wore flat shoes (I am known for wearing heels every day). Heels just don't cut it when you are hauling banquet chairs to help make a quick room event change. Everything seems to be going well with the group and I am glad it is the weekend.

Our snow has melted, but it is still cold (40's). Yesterday I took a walk around the gardens to inspect the deer damage. I checked 7 gardens and there is not one tulip to be found. They have eaten every one to the ground (over 400 tulips). I have never had deer damage this bad. It has zapped my zest for gardening. The hostas are just emerging and I fear they will meet the same fate. A farmer friend told me to put old shoes in the areas where I want to keep them out. He says the human scent will keep them away. At this point I am ready to try anything to protect my cherished hostas. I will be looking for a few old shoes today.

I have been doing a bit of quilting on the blue jean quilt. I must say the stitiches are very poor. It is quite difficult to quilt through denim. This is one quilt that I wish I could machine quilt. I did try, but it just too big and difficult to move around. So I went back to the handquilting. It seems a bit easier if I do not put it in a hoop. I'll just keep trudging along until one day it will be done.

I hope you all have a fun productive weekend.


  1. I've always tied denim quilts..becasue yeah....quilting through denim is hard.

  2. I know they don't have the color range of tulips, but you may have to switch to daffodils, which are highly toxic and, to my knowledge, not eaten by any mammal. It's possible that tulips interplanted with daffodils will also be safe, but separating them by even a foot will keep the tulips from being protected. Naturally, with most color combos you would want later-blooming tulips which would not bloom at the same time as the daffodils

    --David Pittelli

  3. Thank you, David. Yes, I have daffs and you are correct, nothing eats them. However, even the tulips planted right next to them are gone.

    Brit, if I ever make another denim quilt, I will have to consider tying it.


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