Monday, April 11, 2005

Quilts in the Garden

I spent about 5 hours outside in the gardens yesterday. It was a warm day and it felt good to be digging in the dirt again. I accomplished quite a bit--raked and cut down dead flowers in 6 of my smaller gardens. The deer damage over the winter is bad this year. They are eating my tulips as they poke through the ground. Last year I planted about 200 more tulips and I was expecting a nice show this spring. Now I will be surprised if even half of them make it. They also ate all of the bark off a large burning bush shrub. It is likely to die now. There really is not much I can do to keep the deer away (short of putting up a high fence around the entire property). I have just learned to live with them. I am throwing in a picture of last year's garden bench with quilted pillows. I tend to use a lot of my extra blocks to make quick pillows to use outside. It is not something you want to spend a lot of time on as they will get ruined. But I like the coziness they add to the garden. Last season I spent a few afternoons lying here with a good book.


  1. Nice to meet a fellow gardener and stitcher. : ) Your bench and pillows look beautiful.
    I really haven't noticed if the deer has done damage around my house, but we have had them walking around here more than once (right by the windows). Too many new housing developments popping up, taking away their land.

  2. Hello Dianne,
    Thank you for the compliment. If you have the deer walking around, I would bet they have also been dining on whatever your favorite plants are! I am glad you stopped by and hope to see you again.


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