Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am happy to report that I enjoyed the retirement dinner. We sat with a very nice couple (yes, they talked!). I had a delicious veal picatta -- so tender it cut with a butter knife and the sauce was just the right blend of cream, lemon and capers. I ordered a twice baked potato which was just oozing with cheese (exactly the way I like it).

I have a busy work day today. I don't know if I ever mentioned what I do to earn the money to buy all these plants and fabric (LOL), but I work for, as they say, "a major hotel chain". I am the sales director as well as the human resources person. I work with large convention groups and people planning meetings, weddings, showers, seminars--any event that uses a meeting/banquet room. Next week I have a large convention group coming in, so today I have to get all the final details of everything they need and do a function sheet on each event. I need to know every detail of the set up for everything from their registration to their dinner banquet to their final wrap up meeting. There are about 25 different events and I need to do a contract for each one. It is through these contracts that every other department in the hotel gets the information they need to do their part. There can be a lot of stress in this--if I mess something up, it could ruin the success of their convention and they will not be happy! Say they want "red" linen napkins, and my function sheet does not specify this---you can bet they will be in my office the next morning throwing a hissy fit because the napkins were white.

Working in the hospitality industry is really quite an interesting job. Some of the things you see are shocking--more than once our bellman have made a delivery to a room and the lady met them at the door in the buff. One morning our executive housekeeper heard noises in the electrical room and when she opened the door, she found a couple in an early morning bout of passion, on the cement floor right next to the generator. Imagine her surprise!

It is definately not a working environment for the easily offended. I am off now to see what this day holds.............


  1. Your dinner sounded nice and the food good.
    I can't believe what the doorman say and those nasty people in the electrical room!
    I can just imagine what people in Atlantic City in the casinos do. We stayed in one last August and didn't see any funny stuff though we aren't 'behind the scenes' like you are.

  2. oh, Dianne, you would be amazed at the activities of hotel patrons...I have been joking for years that I should write a book.

  3. If you wrote a book, I'd be the first in line to read it. : )
    Get cracking at the computer.


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