Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I stopped at JoAnne's Fabric Store after work today to look for some largish containers to plant some Dahlias. I found many nice resin containers that would work, but at prices from $19.99 - $29.99 each, I had to pass. While walking around the store, I spotted a 90% off sign. Closer inspection revealed that it was on St. Patrick's day merchandise. On the floor were some green metal containers to hold beer. They were the exact color I paint most of my recycled containers and they were the perfect size. The only problem was they had rather garish glittery gold writing and green shamrocks on the front side. I reluctantly put them down and as I was walking away the idea struck to sand off the glittery stuff and then spray paint them. I grabbed 3 of them at a cost of two dollars each.

When I got home I immediately set about sanding and painting. It was incredibly easy and the paint I had was an exact match. In less than 20 minutes I had them done. I let them dry for about half an hour, then took a hammer and nail and punched drainage holes in the bottom of each. I planted the dahlia tubers and then decided I needed a marker so that I would remember what I had planted. I thought of writing on a wooden stick, but in past years that did not weather very well. After a few rains and the hot sun, the writing was barely legible and the space is very limiting. I decided to use the computer to make labels. Then I used Avery laminating sheets to enclose the paper and half of a straw so I could stick them in the dirt. I am quite happy with the results.

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