Friday, April 15, 2005

I really like container gardening. Part of the pleasure is finding containers to grow things in that are different from the mundane purchased pots. The majority of my containers are not typical. A few of the things I have used are: whiskey barrell, wicker dresser (which only lasted one season), wooden doll cradle, dining chairs with seats removed & watering cans, metal milk pails, child's rocking chair with a hole cut thru the seat to set the pot in, wooden sled with a raised box built on the top, and metal fishing cans (don't know what they are called). You can plant in any thing that will hold dirt. Does anyone else have any unique ideas?


  1. I like seeing old boots as planters. We have a huge tractor tire that was left here when we moved in many years ago. It's been a great raised garden for our son as he grew up. Unfortunately I saw a snake go under it one time. Not my favorite garden critters.

  2. Same here--one of my biggest fears is having a snake slither across my bare toes. That is why I almost always wear boots when I am working in the gardens.


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