Sunday, December 2, 2007

We Got Dumped Upon Last Night and I am Having "Snow" Much Fun Today!

It's heavy wet snow and it's in the mid 30's, so I went out to make a snowman.

If you like to make snow people like I do, you know there are only a few of the first snowstorms that are perfect for sculpting. I am usually at work when it happens.

But not today--I woke up to a big beautiful white playground. I did a few inside chores and then went out to play.

The mound I am working on above ended up as Sultry Sunflower Sally.

She has a number of fine attributes.

I was having so much fun, I decided to make a second snowlady.

This lady is what Sultry Sally will look like if she neglects her physical exercise and spends all winter inside sewing and eating.

Some of those fine attributes aren't so perky anymore.

I am having such a wonderful day!

I hope you are, too.


  1. Your sno-ladies are hilarious! I love them..the first one with the basket is rather trim and the second one totally "puddled"
    We had some snow but I think you got was the same system,only it didn't go as far north as first predicted.

  2. Zoey,you are too much! I'm afraid that I resemble "Snow lady #2"!!
    No snow yet, just freezing rain.

  3. You have so many talents... cooking, gardening, flower arranging, decorating Christmas trees, quilting, and now Snow Sculpting. Those are simply masterpieces! Too bad that can't spring to life and help you in the summer garden... or can they?

    Just rain down here, lots and lots of rain.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Looks like fun! No snow here, just heavy rains. I so would have loved to build some snow people too. Now, just forget about perky, I have! LOL

  5. Snowing like crazy outside right now. Looks like we may well get that 8-14 inches forecast. I like making snowmen too, but alas, it's off to work tomorrow. Perhaps I'll be able to get out Wednesday afternoon.
    Your pot pies look delicious. I love making big meals that I can put in the freezer for those days I just don't want to cook.

  6. Funny!
    Sultry Sally needs some spanx. She'll be as sassy as ever =D

  7. Just great, Zoey - first you talk us into eating Chicken pot pies with puff pasty, no less, then you make fun of us when we show up on your lawn!

    Sally Field may still be perky.
    Annie is not.

    Thanks for reminding us that winter can be fun if it's snow instead of ice!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Hi Zoey, nice snowphotographs from your garden! We have only a lot of rain and storm.


  9. ROFL...I just laughed out loud at the second one! lol Oh Zoey, you are just so much fun and if I lived near I would have joined you! lol Last year when we had our first snowfall I went out and made a snowman...didn't think of adding any "fine attributes" though! lol xox

  10. Love your snowladies! The first one looks so festive and summery in her sunflower headgear. :-) We have snow too, but I have been too busy to get out in it....a walk is in order today at the very least.


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