Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cover Your Eyes--My Dining Table is Nearly Naked!

I spent all afternoon cooking and getting ready for my party tomorrow afternoon.

We also brought a second dining table and 6 chairs up from the basement. Can you see it down by the window?
Since I am doing a Soup, salad, deli buffet tomorrow night, I need seating at tables for everyone. Balancing hot soup on your lap on the sofa just won't work!

Because I am not doing a formal dinner, I had to take down the pink lacy dining room table set up. I left the table bare (gasp! a bare table at my house in very unusual), except for a large live evergreen/pine cone centerpiece and chunky white candles.

I had the urge for something sweet this afternoon, so I ate a couple of the lumpy cookies. I guess they taste OK....

Betty, how sweet of you to offer a plateful of your cookies. I bet my husband would be much happier this holiday season if you lived near us. He is really missing his usual assortment of cookies, especially the frosted sugar cookies.

I think it's bedtime for me. I will have a busy day tomorrow.


  1. Zoey, your table doesn't look naked at all! There is beauty in simplicity and nature. As H is often heard to say "tis a blessing to be simple"! :-)

  2. That's a beautiful centerpiece, but I half expect that later on I'll check your blog and find out that you had a big idea to decorate the tables and they'll be different again.

    Regardless, plain or fancy, bare or with a table cloth, I'm sure the food will be delicious.

    Merry Christmas,
    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. I like that naked table..the wood grain looks so nice! Have fun getting ready...we also add an extra table for our family Christmas dinner.
    PS..I'm sure your cookies tasted just fine..looks aren't everything, right?


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