Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Big Thanks for those who Comment on Old Posts and a "tsk tsk" for those who Copy and Run

A couple of days ago I got a comment from Linda regarding an old post I did about my childhood doll.

I notice that quite a few people find that post by searching for the doll's name.

Linda is only the second person to take the time and effort to let me know she enjoyed reading that old post.

Thank you, Linda. I loved getting your email.

For those who don't know, I do get an email on all comments, so if you feel the urge, but think the post is too old, please reconsider. Your comment will get to me.

I enjoy getting feedback from the posts I did three years ago, just as much as the current ones!

I bought a new ornament yesterday. I need a new ornament like Imelda needs a new pair of shoes, but is he cute or what? I love snowmen and I love candy ornies. This one is both. I just adore him!

Since I am writing about old posts, I may as well throw in my "old post" rant, too.

Last year I did a step-by-step post with a bunch of pictures about how to make a bow out of wrapping paper. That post took a long time to do (as anyone who blogs knows taking the pics, uploading, sizing pics, etc. takes some time). Anyway that post has garnered quite a lot of attention. Last year a couple of people found it and offered a nice thank you for posting it. That made me feel good, like it was worth the effort.

This month I've had hordes of people popping in from search engines to get that info. Not one of them has left a "Hey-Zoey-thanks-for-giving-us-that-info" comment. The same thing is happening now with another craft post how-to. They copy the how-to info and run.

Sometimes that bothers me--just a little bit..................what can I say? I guess I am just a sensitive girl.


  1. Now that I know that you will be informed when I comment on old posts I will have to wander back sometime and do just that!
    I think a simple thank you would be in order.

  2. I think it's ignorance. I can see if you go to for a recipe-you don't have to say anything. But to go to someone's personal blog and not say howdy and thanks-I agree, mean!
    I have been visiting people's homes for the Christmas tour (if you have time, check out that link) and I always say 'Merry Christmas'and I like this or that.
    Anyway, I am always buying new ornaments too. I think sooner or later, I'm making up a box of ornaments that belong to Sean. If you noticed my post about our 1984 tree, not one family member offered to give us any ornaments! I did a quick buy of the little tree and went to a craft place (I remember it was a cool place too) and got hearts, wood shave(?) ornaments and tiny glass bells. I want Sean to have something whenever he goes out on his own. My luck he'll be 30! LOL

  3. Hi Zoey, I was delighted that you visited my Christmas tour post. I can't believe you noticed that I use old Christmas cards as tags for the presents. I think it was so cool that you noticed. I love your blog and so enjoyed reading it. I like what you did in the kitchen. Merry Christmas and I hope you'll visit again. ~ Smiles ~ Lynn

  4. Hi Zoey,
    I remember your bow making tutorial and I know the effort that you put into it.
    Love your little snowman ornament. I just got one much like him from Dept 56 (mine is holding a candy cane)
    I haven't been able to comment as much lately as I like to. Hopefully someday things will get back to "normal" again, sigh...

  5. Zoey, I've been checking in, just been too busy to comment. Or rather, all my comments would say I can't believe the amount of work you do. Your house is so Christmas-y! I barely put up one tree and you've got one in every room it looks like.

    Well! Guess I'm sensitive too b/c I hate when people link to my posts on various forums and then they discuss it on that forum, but none of them bother to leave me a thank you either! Or when people copy my photos and post it on their blogs and discuss it, but don't bother leaving a comment on my post. At least they're linking it back and giving me credit, but hey! I do say on my blog that they need to ask my permission and they didn't! I think the internet just makes it too easy for people to disregard normal manners. I've been getting rude anonymous commenters who leave factually incorrect information. And did you know there's such a thing as paid comments? So besides random spam to deal with, some companies pay people to leave batches of comments all over the web linking back to their site, or mentioning specific products. Argh! Makes me tired of blogging!

  6. Betty, you are very generous with your comments and I appreciate all of the feedback you give!

    Dianne, I did get to visit a few. Hopefully I can see more this weekend. Everyone did such a fabulous job, didn't you think?

    Lynn, thank you for the kind words. I will most certainly be visiting you again!

    Susie, I also appreciate all of your comments. I know how busy you are right now. I hope things get back to normal for you soon.

    Wandering Chopsticks,
    You understand exactly what I was talking about! Even my own husband took the post the wrong way.

    He stopped by my work today and said something about me "whining" on my blog. I am not asking everyone to comment on every post, (I wouldn't even have time to read them all!). I am just saying that when a person talks about me on a bulletin board, it would be nice if they told me they were going to do that. I usually find that other bloggers do tell me in advance, it's just other forums, etc. that link without asking. Even that is OK, but I would think that every now and then a person coming in from one of those links would say "thanks".

    OK, I am now done "whining".

    Yes, I do think I have had one or two of those paid commenters. I just delete the post as soon as I see it.

    I guess overall we get more benefits from continuing to blog than from quitting. Otherwise we wouldn't do it.


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