Friday, December 14, 2007

Pink Patchwork Tree Skirt

My goodness I have been gone for quite awhile! It just amazes me how I can post every day for weeks on end and then miss a few days, then a few more, and before I know it, it's been nearly two weeks. I don't think I have ever gone this long without a post.

A couple of you sent me a private email to see if I was O.K. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that you took time from your busy day to send me a little note. I have such wonderful readers!

I have been very busy planning menus, figuring out who's bringing what and shopping for food and mini gifts for my holiday parties. I should have planned the same food for both parties. That would have been so much easier. Oh, well...Live and learn....
It's all fun to do anyway.

I have also been finishing up some table runners and trivets for gifts.
After work today, I was puttering around with a diamond log cabin block. I saw a pic of a tree skirt was a diamond center and I decided to try to make one. I was planning to make a full size tree skirt, but after a couple hours of frustration, I decided to stop it at the size it was.

I lined it, did just enough machine quilting to hold it together and went out to the living room to see where I might be able to use it. It turned out to fit nicely on one of my little trees on top of the china cabinet. So my time was not wasted.

Can you believe that I have not done any Christmas shopping for DH and I have not yet baked a single cookie? This weekend will be a busy one. I may not bake any cookies, but I do plan to do some snack mix and some fudge...maybe even some toffee.

Look at this old holiday flower vase. Does anyone remember having one like this?

It still has the price tag. It must be pretty old since it was only 19 cents.

I filled it with tiny little live greens and put it on the windowsill.

I decided I didn't like the framed quilt on the wall, so it's gone now. I replaced it with this wreath.

I got the snowman in an Internet Christmas swap about 10 years ago. I changed his scarf to pink, & added the stocking and candy cane to match my color scheme. Last year I used him as a tree top. This year he's in the wreath........who knows where he might end up next year!


  1. What a treat to see another post, Zoey! I had missed them. I do realize that it is a busy season but it sure is nice to see your Christmas decorating and maybe see some of your baking??
    Talking about baking, I've baked enough cookies for your household and mine!
    I think the 'tree skirt wannabe' looks perfect where it is.
    I remember those flower vases, they were esp popular to send to Moms with new babies.
    That snowman, he gets around and gets to change accessories as well. The lucky thing!

  2. Nice post! I too, like your sweet little tree skirt. You are like me, you have glitz with your main tree and whimsy and country in other rooms. I did like your framed quilt too-maybe you can use it for brooches or pins. I have a pillow with all Christmas tree pins on it (that I need to get out of storage).
    I will probably bake for a few days next week.
    I love the vintage pieces too. We have a package of old bubble lights in their original box!
    Mister Snowman does look cute in the heart wreath. I enjoy recycling my things too. : )

  3. Yes, I have seen a little flower container like that. Infact, we had two similar ones, both came with flowers from visits to the hospital.

    Your decorations look lovely, Zoey.

  4. Hey Zoey, I found a wicker sled at Big Lots! I plan to add a Christmas tree like you did to your green sled. Hope to do that by the 16th. Thanks for the inspiration!


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