Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Unplanned Project

It all began yesterday afternoon when I looked at these chairs and decided they needed to be redone. I went out and bought two yards of fabric and came home and recovered them in about half an hour with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a staple gun. DH shot the staples in as I held the fabric.

I was happy. For about two minutes. Then I decided the matching kitchen curtains had to be changed, too.

DH and I bundled up and headed back out to get more fabric.

Early this morning I started to make the curtains.

They were pretty easy to make. I just used the old ones for a pattern.

However, once I hung them, I thought they were too dark and blah.
I put the gold back underneath to see if it helped. It was a bit better, but it didn't really match.

After a bit of frustrated thought, I decided to go in a different direction and use just one valance for the small window & make long side panels for the larger window. I liked that a bit more, but they were still dull, dark and boring.

After a bit more thought (and much more work!) I finally found a way to add a bit of holiday bling...

Lots of shiny ribbon, beads, big bows, and pine cones of all sizes.
I like them much better now!

Remember the little reindeer planter? Here he is peeking out among the big pine cones.

What I had planned to be an easy two-hour project took more like four hours and a lot more climbing up and down on the counters, and running back and forth to the basement to find decorative items to use.

My coffee break is over and now it's back to the laundry and changing the bed linens.


  1. Good job on your curtains Zoey, Where do you find all this energy for all these projects??
    You have a very patient husband!

  2. Awesome look! I also like the pine cones and other things you added.You really are inspiring me to get out the sewing machine for some new projects. Right now I have about 3 cross-stitched pieces to make into 'things'. That shouldn't be too bad.

  3. Your chairs and curtains are lovely and an added benefit was all the exercise you got climbing up and down and running to the basement!

  4. Oh, is that toile? I love it as it kind of tells a story.

  5. Lol isn't that always the thing always leads to another:-) I love the new curtains and your chairs must look striking with that material too! You decorated your windows perfectly, love it! xox

  6. Love how they turned out Zoey!!
    But what I am loving is what's outside your window in each of the pics!! Wow! What an incredible snowfall you must have had! Gorgeous!
    Oh and love the window winter bling!

  7. I get energized just by your enthusiasm! Thank you for sharing. I especially love the snowy view behind the windows.

  8. Betty, I do have a patient husband. He is quite wonderful.

    Debbi, Thank you!

    Dianne, I am still waiting for you to get that old quilt project ! :)

    Giddy, that is true and I do need the exercise!

    Dianne, Yes, it was toile.

    Pea, Thank you so much.

    Hi LInda, Yes, we do have a lot of snow...maybe 2 feet???

    anonymous, thank you for commenting! Some days I wish I had more energy, but overall I do seem to have a lot of it when it comes to Christmas decorating! By the way are you Pat?

  9. I know, I have that quilt project all set up in my head, but because of the last month, I had to do Christmas first. Hopefully in January or February.
    It took me a few times to realize you redid the toile on the chairs. I thought you were showing them redone. I've helped my mom do that to her chairs once or twice. I have the cane chairs-I think that's what they are-lol!

  10. Dianne, I see how you may have thought that. I guess I never did show them when they were finished! Sorry about that.


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