Saturday, December 15, 2007

Does this Cocktail say "Christmas" or What?

The colors are perfect!

I was up bright and early to begin making my two slush drinks. They are very easy to make.

I call this one "Christmas Cranberry Slush". It began as these ingredients:

I just mixed them all together

and ended up with this wonderful cocktail for people who are not real liquor lovers.

It does have a bit of cranberry pucker power since the only sugar in it is from the jello.

Yes, it has jello powder in it!

Here is the recipe:

Christmas Cranberry Cocktail

1 3 oz. package of cherry jello
1 can of frozen pink lemonade (12 oz)
1 can of frozen orange juice (12 oz)
2 cups of cranberry juice cocktail (I would have used cranberry juice, but I couldn't find it in the store I was in)
3 cups of vodka

I put one cup of water in the microwave for about one minute. Then I mixed in the jello to dissolve. Once dissolved, I added 3 cups of water. I then dumped everything else in that large soup pan and mixed it all together. Once it was all mixed, I poured into a big plastic tub and put it in the freezer. Every few hours I gave it a stir.

Once it's frozen to a slush (probably will take overnight) it's ready to drink. Just fill a nice stemmed glass about a 1/3 full (O.K. the stemmed glass is not really necessary, but to me it makes all the difference-- I can't even drink water unless I have a stemmed glass--it's one of my quirks) and add some clear soda -- 7 up, Vernors, etc. Garnish as desired.

I think the garnish is very important for a party. It makes the drink look so much better.

For my party I will have garnishes all prepared on the picks and stored in the refrigerator.

My second party cocktail is "Tropical Slush". It does not have the holiday colors, but I was afraid that some may not like cranberry so I wanted an alternative to offer.

This one has these ingredients:

Here is the Recipe:
1 bottle of vodka (3 - 4 cups) I used an orange flavored vodka.
1 46 oz bottle of pineapple juice
1 12 oz. can of frozen lemonade
1 can of Cream of Coconut ( I used Coco Lopez)

Mix the cream of coconut milk with the frozen lemonade in a saucepan. Don't be alarmed when it looks all lumpy like this:

Just heat it on the stove until the lumps are gone.

Mine were gone before it even came to a boil.

Dump in all the remaining ingredients.

Pour into a freezer container with a cover and freeze until slushy
Here are my two freezer containers.
I labeled them.

You can serve the Tropical Slush with any clear soda you would like.

When I tested both of them, they were not quite frozen enough and I didn't even mix them with anything. I thought they were great without the mixer.

Here is a little tip: Don't waste money on good vodka. Any cocktail that has jello in it, does not cry out for expensive vodka! :)


  1. I could go for the Christmas Cranberry Slush! you keep testing the drinks as you go along?
    Any cookies baked at your house yet? You know you can buy a tray of lovely goodies and that would be fine to, right?

  2. The cranberry one looks yummy :)
    My daughter makes a wonderful cranberry margarita that is delicious and very festive. Do you garnish yours with fresh cranberries or what?

  3. These do look yummy. I like mixed drinks like this a few times a year. I was wondering if the guys at the party are drinking these or are being offered beer? The guys in these parts want their beer, want can I say. ; )
    Have a great time!

  4. Betty, No cookies yet, but I did make some dough yesterday which is ready for me to attack today.

    Susie, cranberries would be the perfect garnish.

    Dianne, Bud is on the list of items to buy. Just like in your family, most of the guys will drink the beer

  5. I'll have one of the Tropical Slushes please:-) I love anything with coconut cream and pineapple juice...that's why my favourite drink is Pina Coladas! lol I've never heard of Orange flavoured Vodka, will have to go check that out tomorrow! Yes, I do have some pink lights in my tree! lol xox

  6. Mmmm, gonna have to make me some slushies! YUM! You reminded me that my Mom always had a container of something similar for the Holidays! Thanks for jarring that memory!

  7. Zoey thanks so much for the recipes. I made them both,the Cranberry one, I used Raspberry jello and Cran-Raspberry jucie. It Rocks! I have a whiskey slush recipe that uses OJ, tea and lemonade if you want it.


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