Friday, December 21, 2007

I am NOT feeling the Joy

I finally baked some cookies, but I didn't find it joyful, so I am done with cookies.

They are butter/cream cheese based and I made my own lemon curd from fresh lemons to fill the indents in the cookies.
I filled some with different jellies and topped them with a light glaze.

I think it was way too much work. They look all lumpy and I don't even like cookies all that much. So that's it more cookies shall come from my kitchen this holiday season! Bah Humbug!


  1. I can't believe those cookies didn't come out better for you. Shocked really. You should try again.

  2. They don't really look that bad. Have you made them before? I wasn't really in the super speedy mode for baking myself. I didn't do any today. The chocolate chips came out a little brown. Many kinds didn't cut well. The caramel topping didn't really harden. I figure if they taste ok, then it's not a complete lost. I think Sean will eat them anyway.

  3. I'm in a "bah humbug" mood today also...too much stress and work.

  4. I love lemon, so I`ll eat them for you lol
    Have a wonderful Christmas and your family, Zoey!


  5. Hi Zoey, finally taking the time to catch up with your news:-) Don't you just hate it when you make something that takes a long time to get ready and then they don't turn out?!! Believe me, I've had a few experiences also! lol

    Every time we cross into Niagara Falls, NY I always go to a grocery store there to buy some of those special holiday creamers (not available here in Canada!!!) and I had bought some of that Gingerbread one...yummmmy! The only Coffee Mate creamers we can get here are the vanilla, hazelnut and Irish cream!

    Those chocolate dipped pretzels look fabulous and I love the way you packaged them up to give to some co-workers! xox

  6. If only I lived a little closer I'd pop by with a "variety tray" of cookies for you Zoey. I love cookies and have baked up many kinds for Christmas and I would love to share..
    Merry Christmas!!

  7. Zoey, The cookies look pretty good to me and I love the boxes for the pretzels Great idea. I just saw your comment about the cookies I made. The pastel filling is confectionery suger,lots of butter and vanilla. The cookies have heavy cream. No calories in them at all but they are delishes! Let me know if you'd like the recipe. I'm sure they would turn out for you.

  8. ah, my latest kitchen disaster was failed ginger cookies (that have always turned out great before!) , probably due to the fact that the baking powder was 4 years past it's expiration date. New box, but no time yet to try again.


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