Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Bouquet

It was cold and rainy this morning.

Then the rain stopped and the temperature soared. It is now 75 degrees! Our warmest day of the year so far.

I went out and picked the few daffodils I had blooming and made a little May Day bouquet.
I think spring has finally arrived!


  1. Good morning Zoey. What a beautiful spring bouquet.It really cheers one up just looking at it. I hope the water gets out of your garden soon.

  2. How pretty! It was a great May Day in lots of ways. I don't want to see any imagines of Bin Laden anymore, but so glad people have closure from 9-11.

  3. Zoey, isn't it grand to see the daffodils after this long winter? I don't remember a time I've enjoyed them more. This colder than normal weather will at least allow the spring bulbs to linger longer. There has to be some sort of benefits to the never-ending winter, right?


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