Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Showed my Horrible Grubby Grassless area, Now take a Look at My Good Grass

Taken from my bedroom window on a cloudy Sunday afternoon (5/29/11):

Those of you have been following me for a few years may have spotted something different way in the back.  For at least two years, I have been trying to get DH (back to DH, he hates being referred to as Mr. Z--says it makes him sound like a wimp--he must have been reading my blog while I was away) to knock down the ugly top soil pile so I could plant it.

He finally did it today -- it took all of 15 minutes for him to get his part done.  I then went and dug up a few pieces of hosta from six different clumps and put them around the bottom.  There is little sun back there, so I plan to plant different hostas at inclining levels.  I buried the birdhouse in to bring in a bit of blue color I am using again this year.  I planted yellow daylilies under it. That is as far as I got today.  It already looks much better.

This shot was taken from the front yard.  It also has a new element that we added today.  I will save that one for  another post.

This is a good shot (taken at 5pm on 5/30/11) showing you all the way back to the rockwall garden.
where the creeping phlox is in full bloom:
I removed tons and tons of it last year, but I still have tons more. :)

These are two volunteer tulips...I am pretty sure they came in on the end of shovelful of something I moved from the rockwall garden.

This has been a very good  year for tulips in my garden.  I have not planted new tulips in three years because I spend a ton of money and they rarely come back with blooms -- just big fat flowerless foliage. 

The tulip Gods  must have been lingering over my garden this spring because  a lot more than normal produced nice blooms.  Every time that happens I go hog wild buying more tulips in the fall forgetting that it's rare for them to look good more than the first year.

I do love tulips, though. I think I will plant a bunch more in the front of the house border this fall.

Speaking of the front of the house, I have an apple tree and a crab apple tree in bloom right now.  The crab only blooms fully every other year. It has way more flowers this year (its off year) than normal.

In the rockwall garden I have two cherry trees in bloom.
This is the larger of the two I planted three years ago. So far the birds have gotten the few cherries, but one of these years, I plan to get enough cherries to make a pie.

I am linking to Jean's Blooming Tuesday and to Garden Tuesday and a Southern Daydreamer's Outdoor Wednesday and The Little Round Table, This Week in My Garden.  Please check out the other gardeners around the country to see what they have blooming this week.


  1. your gardens are looking spritely!!! So pretty. That hammock is might appealing! And I love the blue touches -

  2. Oh my, it's just beautiful at your place~~!

  3. Everything looks so lush and pretty right now. The new bed shows much promise too. :)

  4. I love your sweeping garden beds...so very charming, and everything is filling is so nicely and look so lush! I always forget that about Tulips too, I just buy a few bags and scatter them around the garen every fall...one of the bonuses to having a tiny garden is that it only takes a few bags to make a big splash!

  5. I'm still giggling at the thought of DH complaining that he didn't like being known as Mr. Z! lol

    Oh, Zoey, your yard looks fabulous, I really love the way you have everything placed. Is that hammock a new acquirement?? What a peaceful place that would be to lie down and read a book:-) The crabapple trees around here are in full bloom as well and it always makes me wish they would stay in bloom all summer long, they're so gorgeous.

    It's hot here today, supposed to feel like in the 90's with the humidity. Earlier this morning I went to water my flowers and was ready to turn the hose on myself! lol I'm not complaining, though, it's been much too cold for too long.

    That's too funny about the tulips. I never have any problems with them coming up every year, some of them I planted 30 years ago! Speaking of tulips, mine are almost done now so I'll miss their bright cheery faces.

    Hope your day is a good one my friend. xoxo

  6. Oh my goodness your garden is beautiful! I want to just meander through it!

  7. Hi Zoey...to think that only a couple of weeks ago your gardens were in the water. Just look at them now. Beautiful...Balisha

  8. Zoey, Your gardens are beautiful, as always. I love seeing the full view and have been trying to do more of that myself. Everything looks so weed free and healthy. If you'd like some wild purple columbine seeds just let me know. Great post! Jean

  9. Your yard is just beautiful! All of the flowers and colors are great-enjoy:@)

  10. Just so you remember Zoey..use that hammock once in awhile okay?
    Gorgeous yard.

  11. Yay, where's the hammock? : )
    Everything is coming along so nicely.
    It's funny because when Brian puts his mind to something, he gets it done like your DH did with the pile. I don't show wide expanses of my yard as a lot of areas need a bit of attention (weedy, tree branches hanging down). We also have an Addam's Family tree that needs to come down one of these years.

  12. Wonderful photos!! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!

  13. Your garden begs to be enjoyed, I hope you do! Such a lot of work, but a wonderful place to stroll and relax as well. Thanks for sharing, I loved the tour.

  14. Oh my! What a gorgeous garden! I love everything about it.

  15. I enjoyed the cyber tour of your garden. Looks like you are spending a lot of time there.
    Joyce M

  16. What a lovely garden. I really enjoyed my visit here.

  17. You have a beautiful garden with lot of photo opportunities.

  18. I love all the seating areas and different garden beds. The walking stones make everything enchanting. Beautiful.

  19. Good Morning!

    Beautiful gardens! So lovely and inviting, with all sorts of places to stroll and find new treasures. Your creeping phlox is lovely .... but yeah I know the whole "sometimes too much of a good thing". LOL

    Thanks for joining the garden party,

  20. Everything is so beautiful! I'm glad Mr. Z did his part. I'm thankful for my Mr. Dumpling too!

  21. I could sit at yor bristo table all day ......your lawn is lovely


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