Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Found an Advantage to a Flooded Garden

Pine needles float!

 Which makes it much easier to rake them out.
 On the other side, the Lamb's Ear I planted last  year does not like water. I hope it survives the flooding. So far it looks OK.
It was very windy while I was outside trying to tidy up the unflooded areas. Hopefully, that wind will dry this out more quickly.  Under this water there is only a few inches of soil. The rest is rock. That is why it takes so long for the water to leave. . . the ground just does not absorb it.

I saw one of my Tango lilies coming up under the water.

I do hope the water leaves before the bulbs  rot!

I did a new leopard/hot pink table today. I have not  yet posted it on my tablescape blog, so you, my loyal readers,  are the first to see it..I mixed the leopard dishes with pink polka dots!

My centerpiece was inspired by this piece of "garbage" from the Big Kahuna. 

He and his wife were throwing it away. Then they thought of me.  They know I love their garbage. So the Big K brought it to work Friday and asked me if I wanted it. Really? Are you kidding? YES, I want it! It has great patina...tiny bit of rust...very heavy. WHO would throw this treasure away?  I probably should be embarrassed  that they think of me when they paw through their garbage.

But when their junk turns into this centerpiece.............

What is embarrassing about that?  I envision using this great piece often. I really love it!


  1. Oh Zoey,
    You have a great attitude about the water. This would be so upsetting when you have all of those lovely plants in that area. The pink does look great with the leopard, something Auntie Mame would do and carry it off!


  2. Glad you could get some pine needles cleaned up! I am still raking those blasted leaves and now plants are growing through the debris. I almost had Brian cut down one of the holly bushes but its leaves are coming back. Man how the debris gets in between them!
    What an interesting table combo-lots of fun and a great 'garbage' find and look what you did with it! Wow!!

  3. You are a gifted and talented woman Zoey! And I'm so glad you share that with us.

  4. Oh my, you really are wet! I really like your blog, just came across it. I'm in zone 4, as well (Ontario). I hope you are dry soon!

    Happy Gardening.


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