Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Warm Weather Wardrobe Purchases

I have not shown you my most recent wardrobe purchases. I bought them all in a fit of optimism, thinking that spring would be here soon.  I am still waiting for spring, but when it decides to arrive, I will be ready!

I came home from work this afternoon and decided to do a couple loads of laundry. . . it's raining so I can't work in the garden (what a surprise).

While doing the laundry, I decided to give myself a pedicure to match my new flip flops (my bright red toes were a definite clash) and I may want to wear these this weekend.
Can you believe that I paid $1.05 for these jeweled flip flops?  I did. At JC Penney last week. They sent me a $10 off anything coupon and these were already marked half price for $10.98. With tax my total came to $1.05. They are even comfortable!  What a bargain!

Last month I bought some denim wedgies with a big frontal flower.   I can't remember how much they were.

Do they look like two different colors on your monitor? 

Well, they are. I liked them so much that I bought a black pair and a denim pair.  They were buy one and get a second pair at half price.  I wore the black pair last week when we went to a S*hania T*win concert...someone who looks/sings like S*hania. It was fun. DH LOVES S*hania and this look alike was just as sexy.  While on the dance floor, he kept leading me over until we were right in front of her so he could get a close-up view! LOL.This pic is from her web site. She wore that costume for her last act.

The only other wardrobe piece I bought this month was a red sleeveless dress.

It's a ponte knit and casual enough that I can slip it on after work and wear it just to hang out on the deck.

It is supposed to rain for the next few days.  I was scheduled to take next week off, but the Big Kahuna told me the weather forecast is cold (nothing above 55 degrees) and rainy for next week.  So I canceled my vacation.  I was intending to work outside and get all my garden chores done, annuals planted, etc. I guess that won't be happening for a few more weeks.


  1. Boy Zoey, you are hot! I love that red dress, the sexy shoes and the red painted toenails. I am a little bit behind you, haven't painted the toes yet.

    You would think I would have done this since it is in the 90's here, tomorrow!


  2. Cute shoes and dress. I had a red one like that, but longer (a few years ago when long was in). I can't' wear a lot of shoes like wedgies as I have weak ankles.
    Maybe it won't rain. We finally got a nice week and I am gettign things done around the yard-finally! I'm not doing much at the end of last week as we have a wedding on Saturday.
    The Shania babe sure had a skimpy outfit on!
    I wanted to go to a concert out of the Borgata in Atlantic City, but the concert plus a room would be over $300-kind of expensive. I've seen Daryl Hall with John Oates (with Brian on a date in the early 80s), but not with Todd Rundgren. They are all from near where I grew up.

  3. I love your bargains Zoey. And that dress looks just perfect for relaxing on the deck. I wish I could wear flip flops..not enough support for my feet and I can't stand anything between my

  4. You have it going on, Zoey!!! And smart woman for cancelling your vacay due to weather. Working in the wet cool soil is never fun and almost always avoidable unless you need to transplant! Love that red shift.

  5. I scrolled down (before I read your post) and saw the sexy animal print outfit and thought, "Wow, Zoey is one hot gardener!" Balisha

  6. Zoey, you find all the great bargains and have a wonderful wardrobe. If you saw mine, you'd faint. (Jeans and Birkenstock Clogs) I live vicariously through your lovely outfits!

    And rain, rain, and MORE rain......oh....this is getting old, isn't it? I am so sick of digging perennials out of the mud.

  7. Zoey, you always find the best things at the best prices...seriously, I need to visit and go shopping with you! I haven't even been to the garden centres yet. Here's hoping your weather improves soon.

  8. Wow-blogger is finally allowing comments! The sandals were a bargain and I love B1G1F too. Cute dress and I like the color. Had a long red one a few years back when it was in style.
    Hope you can do gardening this weekend. It's wet here.

  9. I love that sleeveless dress! I wish I had a pedicure...!


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