Friday, May 6, 2011

My Mission Was....

to find something to use this can of chalkboard paint on (notice that I do have a hyacinth blooming--spring is trying to arrive!).  I bought it a month or so ago because I am always wishing I had chalkboard paint for projects I see in magazines. Of course now that I have it, I don't know what to use it for.

It's currently chic to have chalkboard bottoms on wine glasses so you can write names on the glass (so guests do not get their glasses mixed up).

I was going to do that, but then thought, WHY?  I just know they won't wash nicely. The paint is sure to chip and become a big mess. . . I will regret that I was ever silly enough to paint the bottom of my wine glasses. So I decided against painting the bottom of the wine glasses.
Before I got rid of my old pantry door, I wanted to turn the top into a chalkboard. Google "chalkboard doors" and you will see some examples like these:

Very cool. But now I have a new door, so I did not do this either.

I finally decided to do a little pig menu board project.  Here is the before pig holding a favorite albeit tattered recipe:
 and here is the revised chalkboard holding piggy:
 He can still hold a recipe, but now I can also write fun little phrases on the board.  I am happy with this easy project. Now I just need to find a use for the rest of the paint.  I think I will make some sort of hinged menu board. I just need to find a couple pieces of thin wood.  Anybody have any other ideas for a small chalkboard project?

Last night I made pot roast soup for dinner.  It was very good. I hope I have enough left for tonight!
I just used 2 cans of beef broth, leftover pot roast, a bag of frozen veggies and three kinds of pasta. I love a full meal in one bowl!


  1. How cute is the little piggy& chalk board. I am going chalk board paint crazy, it's the greatest stuff!

    have a great weekend,

  2. That is a cute project! Perhaps you can do something for your craft/sewing room so you can write color combos or designs on? Maybe use an old oval mirror frame or something from a yale sale?
    Your soup looked good!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Zoey, I have never heard of chalkboard paint, I really must get out more and stop tearing up gardens. I really like the way your piggy chalkboard turned out, very cute. The soup looked delicious too, I may use this dish for supper one of these nights, something I can let simmer while I'm outside working.

  4. Very cute!..All three of my girls have an area on one of there bedroom walls that's chalk, they love it! I also did a large area in the nursery at church those kids love to write on the wall.

  5. I am like that, too Zoey. I will buy something I want to find a use for, then never use it. I like your new pig! Very crafty of you! I still think the best project ever was the painted allium. So COOL!!!


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