Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arbor Wall Planters

Just in case my morning glory vine does not grow up the big arbor, I decided to plant my wall pocket containers. I doubled them up on the big arbor.
 Before long these inside walls will be completely covered in orange/purple/chartreuse.  I put orange petunias and a dark sweet potato vine (ipomoea) on both top sections.

The lower sections have purple petunias and chartreuse ipomoea.

If the blue Morning Glories decide to grow this year, I think they will look fine with this color combo.  If not, I can just unwire the baskets and move them to the deck.

The smaller arbor is planted with blue salvia and a yellow/green vinca vine.  I left space on the side to add something else if I see anything interesting.  This spot is pretty shady, so perhaps a nice coleus...

At least this year the arbors will not be totally bare if the vines decide not to grow (as they usually do)

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  1. Looks good Zoey. I love the sweet potato vines, but they never do well for me here. The colour combos are striking.


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