Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cordyline Australis and a few Other Purchases

I have always loved the red-leaved spiked foliage of Cordyline.  When I saw this nice big specimen for $7.99, I decided to buy it.

Once I got it home, I googled Cordyline Australis and found out it is also known as 'Red Star'. I also found out it gets HUGE--way bigger than I expected.

This container came from this Flicker account and uses just two flowers.
This one came from the same Flicker account is gorgeous with just the Cordyline alone:

I don't think  hope mine will get nearly that large since I don't live in a tropical climate (FAR for it - LOL).

I am thinking more along the lines of it being a nice filler for one of my Tropicanna planters--hopefully in a nice new container that I plan to buy to put on the new front deck (once it's built).

I also bought some coleus 'Sedona'. I think its purple center will be wonderful planted in the same container as the Cordyline.

I found some small purple fountain grass ($5 each). I adore purple fountain grass so I had to buy two of those.  Normally I don't plant pink flowers , but this speedwell 'First Love' appealed to me, so I bought one.

 I remember last fall that I planted quite a few short pink lilies and this might look nice planted in the same garden.

Right now all of my purchases are sitting in the garage awaiting warmer weather. I am hoping that I can get my containers planted next week.


  1. hope warm weather heads your way soon Zoey...

  2. Zoey,

    I have grown Cordyline for a few years and in our area it does not get that big, about 36 inches at the most. It is a wonderful plant and looks great in the fall. You can bring it in as a houseplant but I usually don't.


  3. I've seen those Cordylines before, but I've never grown one.
    I am like you . . ready for spring.
    We are leaving in the camper on Friday for 4 days, the weatherman just said to expect rain all weekend! Bummer.
    I was so ready for spring, I took all the blankets off the bed last week. this week I put them back on.

  4. Wow, Zoey, that cordyline gets huge! But I agree with you, as cold as we've been this spring, I don't think you have to worry about it taking over the pot this season. I absolutely adore Sedona coleus, there's just something about the way it glows in the sunshine (not that we're having much sunshine)!

    Rainy and cold here again this morning...SIGH.

  5. Good picks Zoey. I haven't been to the greenhouse this spring, I'll be finding my way there real soon. There is a sale this weekend and I shall be there:)

  6. The Cordyline is a cool plant-haven't seen that too much.
    Thumbs up on the Sedona Coleus-love any Coleus.
    I seem to have planted a lot of 'purple' flowers (fuchsia) this year for a change.
    Come on warm weather-it's still damp and dreary here too.

  7. Zoey, I haven't visited in awhile. Not sure why but I don't visit anyone much these days. I haven't set foot in a nursery yet! I'm just itching to go! Maybe this weekend. Love the plants you got. You are so good at planting container gardens. I can't wait to see what you do with them. We're cool and rainy again this week. Jean

  8. Hi Zoey:-)

    I just read your comment on my Roamy post....you should have heard ME laughing when I first saw that bear and noticed the squished gnome on the paw. It couldn't have been more perfect! lol The girl working there saw me taking pictures and I had to explain to her what I was doing!! She thought it was hilarious:-)

    I contacted Karen and told her about the hold up with Roamy and also asked her if it would be ok to bring him to NF with me before sending him off to Dianne and she said certainly! She'll post my post on her blog this evening.

    Cordyline Australis...I never knew the name for those plants! They have them in gigantic pots in Niagara on the Lake and I've always admired them. I can't wait to be able to buy a few new annuals to plant but still too early. I'm hoping the cherry blossoms and lilacs are in full bloom in NF this weekend!!

    We had beautiful weather this week except for today, it's pouring rain. Hope yours has settled down!! xoxo


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