Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Johnny Appleseed, I am NOT, but I Keep Trying

Nonetheless I planted a bunch of seeds yesterday.  Maybe this will be the year that I can finally grow a few seeds planted directly in the ground.  But just in case it's not, I also planted some in pots. I seem to be more successful when I use pots.  I picked a few that I really really want to live --like these gorgeous Cherries Jubilee mounding nasturtiums that  Dianne sent me.

 I really want some Bells of Ireland for bouquets, so they went in this egg carton.

I love the colors of Jewel Mix Nasturtium. I planted some of them in pots and the rest went all along this walkway which is full of red pixie lilies, golden yellow daylilies and blue salvia.

Look at these very unusual Four O'Clocks Kaleidoscope. I really like streaky paintbrush stroke flowers.  I planted these all along the front of this garden.

The Vanilla Berry Mounding Nasturtiums (also from Dianne) were planted throughout this garden.

They will be a nice replacement for the primroses.  Fingers crossed that they will grow! 

I also planted blue morning glories at the base of both sides of the main arbor. 
I have tried them many times before, but have always planted them on the back side. Maybe this time they will take.
Did you notice that grape hyacinth flower arrangement sitting on the newly painted flower-arranging bench?  I will show you how I did that in my  next post.

I must now run outside and uncover two big French urns I planted yesterday. We had frost warnings last night. It's in the mid 30's right now.  At least the mosquitoes went away! We had one day in the high 70's and they suddenly appeared. Yesterday's high was only in the 50's, and they were gone. I would rather work in cooler weather than have those pesky insects all over me.

7:08 PM -I have tried four times today to answer comments and I can't it to work. Yet I see 3 of you commented.  What's the secret?


  1. I do hope your seeds germinate for will have those four o'clocks everywhere in no time. Such cool weather!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Darla about four o'clocks everywhere. I love flowers that self sow. That variety is especially pretty. Please show us pics when they bloom. Balisha

  3. Zoey,

    You will do fine with the seeds. They like the moisture were are getting. I just planted nasturtiums in pots a week ago and they are already sprouting.


  4. Good luck, but Nasturtiums are pretty hardy and even like it a bit dry. I just stuck Moonflowers in a few places and they are just coming up. I may put a few near the mailbox and hopefully they will cover up our shabby stand. I do need to add some Nasturtiums too!

  5. blogger is acting nuts again....good luck with your seeds...


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