Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Cool and Rainy

I went out after work and took a few pictures. Despite the cool, rainy weather, I have a few bloomers.

Can you believe my tulips are just beginning?  I have not planted new tulips for two years, but I have a few that decided to bloom this week. I call this the "Wagon Wheel" garden. The tulips have have been quite successful. It's unusual for me to have most of the original bulbs blooming after the first year.

The next garden is what I call the "Driveway Garden". Most of the tulips nearest the ugly steps have died out. But the yellow tulips on the opposite side of the driveway are putting on a decent show.

Those steps will be removed in early July and the new deck I told you about will be built to replace them.  It will extend out beyond the big Yew shrub in front of the porch.   It will be fun to get rid of the old Yew (and two other large shrubs) and redesign the front border.

I also have a nice bunch of grape hyacinth blooming--too bad they are not under those yellow tulips!

In the arbor gardens, I have some primroses among the hostas and dwarf lilies that are beginning to peek out.

I am hoping that it does not rain tomorrow so I can get out and do at least half a day's work in the arbor gardens. 

If you are following Roamy's adventures, check out where he is now.  That little rascal has left the USA and ventured into Canada!


  1. Oh Zoey, how I'd love to sit in your garden. The table and chairs amongst the greens looks quite inviting. I'll bring the scones if you supply the coffee:)

  2. Spring is leaving my garden! I have no tulips or daffodils left blooming, a few muscari and the azaleas are lovely. You are lucky to have those tulips come back, a few of mine do this but not many.


  3. The tulips came up nicely for you! That is a neat wagon wheel.
    Carole did a great job on her Roamy post as you did. I'm next....hope I can live up to my friends fun posts.

  4. How nice for you to have these beautiful tulips...what is rain?


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