Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why is it that the grass will spread so aggressively in my garden, but leave bare patches on my lawn?

That is the question that Michael just asked on my grass-in-the-ajuga post.

Well, Michael, I have been asking myself the same question.

We garden bloggers like to show the pretty stuff in our yards. That is why you see so many close up flower pictures.  I am not a closeup flower picture fan... I learn much more from the big sweeping views of the entire landscape.  Most of the time I don't get to see that....probably because it is not so pretty.  Like the pic of my yard I am going to show you below which is the lawn just a few feet from the ajuga...

I heard you all gasp!  Isn't this awful?

Here is a pic of the same area last fall when we began noticing that something was wrong:

We had never seen this happen before.  After much research Mr. Z (I am sick of using DH, so for now I shall refer to hubby as Mr. Z, as in Mr. Zoey)  :)  decided it's grub damage. The grubs ate all the grass roots last fall, thus killing all the grass.  He has applied grub killer stuff and has reseeded the area. Today I noticed a few tiny grass hairs beginning to come up.  Hopefully it will fill in soon. Mr. Z will be putting more grub stuff on in June to kill the next batch of the despicable insects before they hatch.

Gardening is not always pretty..............

But this is, don't you think?

We left home at 7:15 a.m. today with an air conditioner from 1970 and a console television in the truck bed. We were headed to the Resource Recovery Station. Ever hear of a "Resource Recovery Station"? I just shook my head when I saw that sign on the road to our local dump! Yes, it is no longer called "the dumps" as it was for all of my childhood years. The name was probably changed decades ago, but I have not had the occasion to go there until now. It was the one day per year when people in our township could dump off big junk--furniture, TV, air conditioners, tires, etc. at no charge.

What a popular spot it was this morning! I guess a lot of people were just as excited as I was to get rid of two big pieces taking up valuable basement space. We had to wait in line for over an hour just to dump off our junk. I found the whole experience rather interesting and I wish I had my camera with me. A picture would have added so much to this post!

Anyway back to the blue paint...we stopped at the paint store on the way home from the dumps adventure and I bought a whole gallon of that lovely shade of blue. I spent the rest of the morning painting.

You're wondering what I painted, aren't you? Well, you will just have to wait for my next post and I will show you.   Here's a's exterior paint.

Did you know that some nutty minister has proclaimed today--May 21st, 2011--to be the day the earth ends?  I sure hope I have not worked so hard the past two days only to have it all end by midnight!  It would be just my luck...


  1. Good morning Zoey - to you and your 'grubby' lawn and what I cannot wait to see in divine blue! An adirondeck chair? A new bench? Hurry, hurry! The ajuga would probably be more than happy to fill in where the grass is not so exuberant - I cannot keep it out of my lawn!

  2. I hear you Zoey...I did a post today about how weeds and mushrooms shoot up over night...and flowers and veggies take for ever....

  3. That paint is such a pretty color. What is Zoey painting?
    I like the pictures of the whole garden too. I always wonder where the flower is in the yard. I especially like it when bloggers take us on a tour around their yard. Balisha

  4. Is it ever all perfection? I say no. I love seeing your yard, yes even with dying grass. Yard and garden work never quit..there is always something! That's what makes it enjoyable! In spite of the challenges.
    I'll be waiting for the blue to show up:)

  5. That photo makes me feel better about my yard. Sometimes it seems like other gardeners must have nothing but flowers and vegetables in their back yard, now I know that they're just hiding the grass! :-)

    Good luck fighting the grubs!

  6. Hi Jody,
    Unfortunately it rained this morning and again this afternoon, so I have to wait to show you the blue project.

    With all the rain we have been getting, I expect mushroom to sprout up soon. Maybe they can fill in the dead area--the grass Mr. Z planted does not seem to be doing very well.

    Hi Balisha, I love the around the yard tours, too!

    Stay tuned....maybe tomorrow if it stops raining.

    LOL. I love to make people feel good because my yard looks so much worse than theirs! LOL! :)


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