Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grape Hyacinth Bouquet

I have decided to take a few days to spend some quality family time with  my Mom & Dad and Aunt & Uncle.  Mr. Z will stay home to man the fort.  I hope he does not forget to water my seeds which I put in an area where the rain won't hit them.  I won't be available to check my email for three or four will I survive??? 

I have set up a few days of posts, so you won't even notice that I am gone.  I apologize for not being able to comment on your blogs, but for the past two days Blogger has not been cooperating.  On to today's post...which was really done a couple days ago.

I came across an old Carnival glass candy jar while cleaning the storage cupboards.  I immediately thought that grape hyacinths would look nice in it.  Grape hyacinths are not easy to use in a floral arrangement because the stems would have to be wired to make them stand.  I remembered reading of a way to make them stand tall without wiring.

I went out and dug up a big clump--bulbs and all.  You need the bulbs for weight.  Hose off most of the soil, then wrap a rubber band around the bottom section.
 Then just plop it down in your container.  The weight of the bulbs keep them standing tall.
 I stuck in  a bit of that purple kale in the background, added some water, then covered the bulbs with this fiber.
 I thought some light purple creeping phlox would look nice so I went and cut a few handfuls and tucked them in.
Don't those colors play nicely against the Carnival glass?

I have enjoyed the arrangement for two days and today I am going to remove the grape hyacinths and replant them! They have not been harmed and will rebloom just as lovely next spring.

Remember that Lamb's Ear I planted last May:

 Here they are one year later completely filled in.
Now I bet they become a pest to keep in their boundary line. :)

The new color I painted the potting bench is:
Rapture Blue to be exact.


  1. you are so clever that idea...also love lambs ear...I need to get me some more...have fun on your trip...

  2. Yes, do have fun on your trip!
    I think Carnival glass is really pretty and your arrangement is perfect.
    I don't think Lamb's ear is really too invasive and easy to thin out. It looks nice where you planted it.

  3. That is such a lovely spring bouquet...and such amazing progress with the Lamb's!

  4. Leave it to you to make such a gorgeous bouquet in that beautiful carnival glass dish!! I'm really loving the colours. I bought some Hyacinths a couple of weeks ago that were already in bloom and after I planted them, the bloom died but the rest of the plant looks healthy. It's the first time I plant those so hopefully they'll do well next year. I love the way your Lamb's Ear have filled out!!

    Have a great time with your family and enjoy time away from the computer:-) xoxo

  5. Hope you enjoyed your trip with family!
    I had, I think that same carnival bowl, got it and a few other pieces for wedding gifts. Notice I said "had", sold it years ago at a rummage sale.

  6. That arrangement is beautiful! I like seeing photos of flower beds at different times for comparison. Your lamb's ears look very lush and happy.


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