Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's Blooming Tuesday

The only thing I have blooming are the daffodils I showed you Sunday. So today I will show them again, but with a different twist.
Last night I wanted to have a Cinco de Mayo dinner and I used the same bouquet in a different vase and setting.

The bright yellow daffs worked well with the big paper flowers that I hung upside down from the chandelier.
Don't you just love these flowers? My friend at work made them. She is the F&B Director and she needed big flowers for one her bar parties. These were sitting in the liquor room for the past year and she let me borrow them for last night.

I won't show the entire table because I am going to do another post on my tablescaping blog.

All the water is now gone from my gardens, so I hope to have some blooms next week. In the meantime, please check out the other gardens at Jean's place.


  1. Very pretty bouquet. :)

  2. Calling by from Bloomin Tuesday as another participant, daffodils are always a welcome sign of springs arrival for me.

  3. Zoey, you just have the knack for decorating! Love the big flowers and the daffodils. We are so color-challenged around here. I'm glad your gardens have dried up a bit, I don't have water standing but the ground is soggy with a capital S. And more rain predicted. Sigh.

  4. I'm glad your garden is drying out, mine just keeps getting wetter! The daffs look great with the paper flowers. Clever! Jean

  5. Zoey, the daffs look great and I even like those paper flowers, I like lots of color!


  6. Lovely bouquet Zoey and of course, great decorating too. I'm still waiting for something, anything, to pop up in the garden...besides weeds of course!

  7. some have too much rain...some not enough....love your Cinco DeMayo...it is a really big celebration here in Texas


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