Monday, August 10, 2009

What is this Lovely Weed?

I may have asked this same question before, but if anyone told me, I have forgotten.

Does that happen to you?

I am always looking up flower or weed names, yet I never remember them when I need to know.

Yesterday morning I went out in search of yellow and pink flowers for my latest vintage tablecloth inspired table. I thought this weed was so nice that I used it in the bouquet. I hope it's not poison!

The yellow flowers are dahlias. I think they are a pretty good to match to the flowers in the cloth.

I have not been out in the garden at all today. It rained earlier so I don 't have to water anything.

Yesterday we went to a lakeside picnic.

Luckily we were under a pavilion because after about two hours, a big thunderstorm with a lot of lightening came up and we had to hurry and pack up everything and get out of there. It was scary. Even the bats came flying out of their hiding places in the log ceiling of the pavilion. No kidding--three bats flew out. I think it got so dark they thought it was night (it was 5:00 p.m.ish).

I am not a picnic lover--it's a lot of work to haul all the stuff, set it all up, cook, then sit and eat with the bugs. There were very few bugs yesterday...guess they didn't like those high winds that kept kicking up. Even though we didn't swim, we were all thoroughly soaked when we got home.
Overall as picnics go, this was one of the most exciting I've been to.

Enjoy the rest of your evening,


  1. Smartweed, also called water pepper (Polygonum hydropiperoides)

  2. Thank you anonymous! That one should be easy to remember.

  3. Pretty weed - I had seen it but didn't know its name - but now I do.

    It's always a relief in summer to get enough rain so that the garden doesn't need watering for a little you time to go and eat with the I hope the company was good....was it just you and your husband?

  4. That weed sure is pretty! I would have added that to may bouquet too.
    Picnics are fun but only if all the conditions are right..thunderstorms not being one of them.

  5. Funny... I have the same weed growing out of one of my patio containers, and it's so pretty I can't bear to pluck it out!

  6. You really did pick the perfect flowers to match your tablecloth, how lovely! I have no idea what name those weeds go by but I'm like you, I learn names of plants and then forget. lol

    What a shame the picnic got rained out! I love picnics but I know what you mean about them being a lot of work and having to eat with bugs flying all around!! One time we were on a picnic and sitting at a wooden picnic table in this park...we were really being bothered by bees and I was having a fit...ends up there was a bee's nest built underneath the table!!!! Aaaarrggghhhhh!!

    We're finally getting some lovely weather so hope it's the same up your way. xoxo


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