Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Focal Point in the Garden

I was outside early yesterday morning removing plants to fit the new arbor in along one of the stone path walkways. I had to dig out 5 plants and then replant them after we leveled out the ground and re installed the pavers. I just planted them all this year, so they were very easy to remove.

I was all done by 8:00 a.m. On Saturday morning I no idea I would be buying myself a major weekend project! I'm pretty happy with it. I think it provides the large focal point I needed in this area. Maybe next year I can grow some blue morning glories or something up it. This path goes right through the middle of the arbor.

Here it is the view from the larger arbor.
This is about 10 feet down from the pic above.

Now I have to decide what color to do the potting bench. Hopefully I can get that done next weekend.


  1. I'm tellin' you woman I get such a kick seeing your yard. In Arizona we are see temps as high as 120 and on good days we are at 110+, needless to say my garden is struggling to survive the endless heat. On top of that we haven't had any rain for months so my yard is looking pretty drab right now, my only garden joy is opening your blog every morning and seeing your beautiful garden.

  2. I think it looks perfect! Yes, do grown some flowering vines up it next year. : )

  3. AZ, thank you so much for the kind comment. If I had to live through 120 temps, I would be inside in air conditioning all the time! I can imagine how your garden feels.

    Dianne, Thanks. Remind me next year to plant some sort of vine.

    SallyC - thank you for your nice comment and for continuing to visit me so often. I can't personally reply because you come in as anonymous.


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