Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not that much Fun Working on Old Bathroom Doors in Hot Muggy Weather

I's 4;30 p.m. and I have already taken two showers and I am ready for a third.

I am off work for four days this week. It's hot and humid, but I have to get my projects done while I am off. I seriously hate hot humid weather! Nonetheless, I cut down all the spent daisies and other dead stuff and moved some artemesia early this morning.

Then I started in on some other projects.

I am sure you remember the bright potting bench--who could forget it? hee hee

Well, now that I have it on the deck, I need to add a few more pieces in the same color to coordinate everything. Otherwise the potting bench just looks out of place.

So I have been trying to think of items that I could paint. After about a day of thinking, I remembered a set of louvered doors that we removed when we had the bathroom redone three years ago. I saved the doors because I thought that someday I would use them on the deck.

Today is someday.

I hauled out the saw horses that DH had just put away in the basement (he was napping so I had to do it all myself). Then I crawled under the house and found the shutters. I just wiped the dust off with a dry cloth and began painting. As soon as I started painting, I remembered that I need a picture so I could show all of you! So I ran inside and got the camera.

Here they are as I began painting.

Here they are freshly painted and in their new home:

I am loving it! It does need a hanging basket of flowers, but, as I told you before, I did not plant any hanging baskets this year. So what to do?

I remembered a whirly-gig that my father-in-law had made for us many years ago. I could not remember what the current color was because I repainted it so many times. Just about any bright color would work--anything but yellow. I went down to the basement to retrieve it.

Guess what color it was?

Yellow! No real problem. I used the last of my spray can of red paint and repainted it. I replaced the door knobs with wooden knobs that I painted the same red.
I can't tell you how excited I was when DH hung it up. I think it works perfectly!

You can't see the red knobs from a distance, but as you get to the glider you may see them.

If I move the doors to a different location, they may be visible, so I am glad that I paid attention to that little detail. Did you notice the new rug? This is the rug I had originally wanted to buy. I second guessed my decision and went for the blah neutral rug. I just did not like that rug with my vivid colors. I was very lucky that there was one rug left when I went back and it was this one. I think it's so much better!

I wanted to show you where this seating area is in relation to the whole deck. I can't get a full picture of the deck because it turns where the seating area is. This is one side as you come up the steps.
I know some of you are very perceptive and you may notice that I changed the umbrella on the table. I had a bright blue one that I thought worked better with the vivid new yellow color.
I still have one more item to paint. I want the new bright yellow to be in three different places and I want those places to form a triangle. So if you are sitting on the glider,which is way down at the end of the above pic, I will be adding a wooden table painted yellow to the area after you make the turn to the right.
See the area right against the white siding? I plan to put a yellow table there tomorrow and then I will be done with all the painting. It's been a ton of work, but also a lot of fun.

My only regret is that when I was moving all the planters, I pulled one about a foot forward and then dropped it.....

right on top of Mr. Froggy.

I felt so bad.


  1. Zoey:

    The deck is absolutely wonderful! The colors make it so happy. I wish I were there with you in the late afternoon, we would have some wonderful treats and a class of cold white wine.

    Have a great few days off.

  2. Good morning, Sally,
    I wish you could join me for a cold glass of white wine, too! That is exactly what I had last night and will likely have another tonight. :)

  3. Oh nooooooooooo poor Mr. Froggy!!!!! I know it's not funny but I can't stop giggling...the way he's laying there with his head under the pot! lol Poor thing..really! lol

    Leave it to you to come up with the idea of painting those louvered doors, I just LOVE where you put them and the yellow and red look perfect there!!! You have such a beautiful deck and how I'd love to be sitting there with you:-) xoxo

  4. My first thought was ..'I hope you get to sit there and enjoy and don't just work 24-7'. It is a gorgeous place and I'd join you there in a heartbeat..wouldn't mind being put to work either!

  5. I'd love to come and sit on that BEAUTIFUL porch, but you see my biggest fear in life is FROGS. Dead or alive. No joke.


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