Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets I Couldn't Live Without

At least I must have thought that when I bought all of these.

Such a cute pan to make Christmas cakes -- little snowmen and mittens...adorable.

I was thrilled to find this one many years ago. I really did make homemade ravioli back then and I thought this would be great to make uniform little pillows of culinary delights. The operative word in that sentence was did. I haven't made them once since I bought this.
Ditto for a checkerboard cake, canape breads, or decorated pastries. I buy all sorts of cake decorating tips and never decorate cakes. While at a family gathering last month, the conversation got around to useless gadgets that we all own. It was interesting to me to find that 3 of my 4 sisters-in-law also own a checkerboard cake pan. Not one has ever made a cake in it! I suggested that we all get together and have a checkerboard cake baking party. Who knows maybe we will.

This post was inspired when I was trying to find a place to store my most recent purchase of a cast iron corn muffin pan.

My mission for September is to use at least one of these items.

A couple of days ago I was in Wally's World and I remembered that I had been looking at some deck rugs in May. I thought I would wait and see if they were marked down later. I walked back to the garden center and sure enough there they were marked down to less than half price!
I bought a neutral color. This afternoon I put it out on the deck.

I think it has possibilities. I plan to bring out cushions, quilted chair backs, etc. tomorrow. Check back tomorrow night or Sat. morning to see what I do with it.
Take Care,

6:14pm update: What the heck is this????

As soon as I hit publish, this came up. Is blogger now starting to throw up advertising every time we post? Has anyone else seen this?


  1. Hi Zoey, I'm another one of those people who have tons of kitchen gadgets and never use them. Some of them I used to use (like 20 years ago). The pasta machine is one. The kids loved it, but what a mess. How about a butter mold shaped like a cow? And don't forget the dolphin ice sculpture mold. Tiny petit four pans (never used), but no checkerboard cake pan!

  2. I cant' wait to see what you come with to go with your new cool rug!
    As far as those gadgets go, that is too funny. You must have more cabinets than I do!

  3. I can definitely see you making the canapes, etc and why not fit them in to match a tablescape? Like cream cheese and green olives with a green and white theme-you get my drift.
    I think I have a checkerboard cake too and I'm trying to remember if I tried it maybe once.
    Glad you got a deck rug, it looks nice.

  4. I have lots of "stuff" too, but I really use my cast iron corn muffin mold a lot. In fact, I have two of them. H and I make a huge batch of jalapeno cheese muffins and freeze them. They go great with soups or chili and, as an added extra bonus, they are whole grain! We love them.


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