Friday, August 7, 2009

Phlox, Globe Thistle & Pink Mallow

I did a little plant moving after work yesterday.

I moved a bunch of blooming phlox. It was blooming in an area where I am trying to get rid of all flowers. We are thinking of putting a shed in that spot.
Here is some of that phlox, although not the plants I moved.

These are some of the phlox plants that I moved:

They are very tall - about 4 feet or so. I am quite amazed that they are still standing tall a day after I moved them.

I just noticed that there is a wagon wheel in this garden, too. It's on the opposite side of the garden in in the first picure.

This is the same spot where I moved the lychnis coronaria last week. It's still standing tall, too.

Some plants are so easy to move!

I also removed about a dozen pink mallow plants like this one:
see that little spot of pink way in the back? I am trying to remove all of this plant from my gardens. I thought I had, but suddenly I am seeing a bunch of little spots of pink.

I like the plant, but it's terribly invasive. I decided that I would let it grow in the wild areas, like behind the rockwall.

I noticed that this globe thistle is almost ready to turn it's eye-catching blue color.

I really enjoy this plant.

It does have ratty lower foliage so it needs to be planted where that is hidden.

Here is a close up:

In my walk around the gardens tonight, I noticed that my ruffled pink daylily was blooming. Recently my bloggy friend, Dianne, from Dianne Rambling On posted a ruffled lily. I had a vague memory that I also had a ruffled daylily, but could not really remember. Sure enough I do have one! It's the darker pink lily in this pic:

Here is a close up so you can see that the edges are indeed ruffled:
I guess this post is getting pretty long, so I will end it here. I had more to show you, but I will save it all for future posts.

TGIF! I hope we all have a great weekend!

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  1. I have that same daylily, but mine doesn't have ruffled edges. It's gorgeous!


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