Saturday, August 15, 2009

Neutral Does Not Really Go with Everything

The bare necessities -- unadorned furniture and a neutral rug to define the seating area.

After a massive rearrangement of plants and a few quilts, the area is almost hidden from view as you walk up the back deck steps.
Each step reveals a bit more of the area.
There are two opened sides where you can enter. This is one of them. Oh, I do wish the rug had red and yellowed strips instead of dull browns. I still think it's O.K. and works to define the area. It's just not what I would use if I had other options.
If you remember I did not plant any annuals this year. Normally I would have five hanging baskets around the top of this seating area. I find all that white too, well, ah, white--I think I am going to find something to hang there later today. It will be fun to find some sort of art to my idea of art my be slightly different than yours....LOL.
The bright yellow callas are nearing the end of their bloom. I have already cut down a few of the first bloomers.
There's DH acting like he is talking to me. I was sitting there chatting with him until I jumped up with my camera to get a picture of him using the space. He's probably making some comment about how I can't do anything without that camera! It's a blogger's disease--cameraitis.
But as the sun was beginning to set, I put the camera away and took my spot on the glider where we enjoyed our Friday night in our own little corner of the world.

Before I did the deck, I painted something with this--Whoa! There's nothing dull about this color!
I still have some finishing work to do on it and then I will show you what I painted.

Today is also our annual wash-the-outside-of-the-house day. DH does the washing. He will remove all the shutters first and I will wash and then paint them--NO, I will not be painting them that color above!

I just heard some thunder. I hope it's not raining outside as all my deck items are still out there. Somebody at work told me no rain was in the forecast......I must run out to the deck now and IS raining. ... just everything is drenched...I should have checked that weather forecast least I did bring in the magazines last night.

6:40 a.m. update: It's still raining and finally light enough for me to get a picture.

sad, sad, sad.............I see the pillows have moved on the animal or wind...not sure which.


  1. What a gorgeous place to sit and relax..I love it! Hmmm..wondering what kind of art you will put on that lattice and what the yellow paint is for??

  2. If I'd have that deck, I'd never go inside. I'd even sit there in the rain. Well maybe.

    It is just beautiful.

    Your sewing makes the place POP!

  3. It does look really colorful and inviting on your deck. Sorry the rain squelched your plans. We have vinyl shutters and have only replaced them every 10 yrs. I can't see Brian doing what your DH does. Every once in a while he'll use the hose on the house which his stucco. I have BIG plans for Bri and Sean to do some fall painting of the overhangs front and back. I sit at my art desk and see the paint is cracking more and more.
    We are also going to do some fall gardening with lettuce, spinach, etc. since the tomatoes were diseased.

  4. Having been married to a meteorologist for the past 43 years, I can honestly tell you that you can't believe a word the weatherman says! "-)


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