Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Just Placed a Flower Order

I think this is my only flower order this year.

I could not resist these Rai Parrot tulips. They are like the Blumex I bought last year, only a different color.

from Breck's catalog: ...Spectacular colour combination for a tulip with irresistible impact. In flamboyant bloom, this Parrot Tulip shows off half its outside frilled petals in unique shades of plum and purple.The remaining petals reveal shades of rose splashed with light green accents. Inside, an intense purple colour is complemented by a yellow and white base.
OMG, could anything sound more beautiful?

I really enjoy my Tango lilies, so I decided to order more of them. I ordered a collection of 4 different colors: I get three of each color.

Dot Com® Tango - Innovative colour combination! Alluring, pink blooms are dotted with dark red at the centre. Don't you just love that name?

Kentucky Tango - Racy tangerine blooms are enormous and peppered with flecks of cocoa. I was only going to order this one, but then decided to get them all.

Capuchino® Tango - Wakes you up in style! This two-tone lily has cream-coloured petals sprinkled liberally with those coffee grounds you love so much. This is the one I already have .

Olina Tango - Dressed in flaming red with auburn highlights, this pretty lady is a tough act to follow Really looking forward to seing this one.

12 bulbs of Azure allium,
which are 18- 22 inches and go well with the pink drumstick allium that I already have.

The last item was that Pineapple Lily I showed a few days ago.

Since Breck's sent me a coupon to order $75, and get $35 off coupon, I went for it.
Everything but the pineapple lily will arrive in October. The pineapple lily will ship next spring.
I shall be looking forward to next year's blooms.


  1. Lovely! I especially dig the Olina Tango lily - I'll look forward to seeing photos in the future!

  2. I got the Rai tulip last fall from Brecks, but I never saw it in my garden this year. I think they sent me the wrong type, again. I had ordered Arabian Mystery and they sent me plain purple. The place where I thought I planted the Rai - plain purple. I might try again, because these look so awesome!

  3. Nice choices! Very different and exotic. I just thought of the perfect job for me-to write descriptions for flowers for bulb and gardening catalogs. : )

  4. I too shall be looking forward to seeing next year's blooms. Your garden looks so beautiful Zoey..you do have a green thumb for sure and I'm thinking a strong back!

  5. Anne, I like those, too. It will be interesting to see what shade of red they are.

    Sylvana, Last year Breck's messed up my tulip order, too. I ordered HotPants and got a totally different tulip. Strange thing was that I really loved the one they sent, so I did not even write to complain. This was the first time they sent me something totally different than my order.

    Dianne, that does sound like a good job! I bet it gets pretty difficult to come up with descriptions after you have done it a few times.

    Betty, I have been blessed with a strong back. I hope it continues to be so in my later years.


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