Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Smokebush gets a New Home

About 6 p.m. last night, I turned on the weather channel and saw that the forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain all weekend.

Ah, the perfect time to accomplish one of my weekend goals. I grabbed a shovel and headed out to the rockwall garden.

I want to move this smokebush. I think the lovely purple leaves will look nice behind a bluish/pink hydrangea.

So I ran out amid the sprinkling sky, grabbed a shovel and moved it.

I finished the move just in time for the heavens to release a 3-hour downpour which did all the watering in that was needed. :) I hope it survives. The root system seemed quite small.

The seasonally-challenged poppy now has 4 buds!


  1. More rain! Aren't you sick of it? We had some off and on here too. Your hydrangea looks pretty-very pink.

  2. You're amazing the way you get stuck in with that shovel and move things around hither, thither and yon. I'd never have been game to move the Smoke Bush until it had lost its leaves, but I guess it's too cold at your place then.

    Rain? Any time you get tired of it, just send it over here.....we'll never get tired of it.

  3. Dianne and Alice,
    Thanks for stopping by. No, I am not sick of the rain. I am loving it! This is the first year that my plants have had all the water they need. Those pine trees drink up most of it.

    That pink hydrangea is supposed to be blue! LOL. I always assumed my soil was acid because of the pine trees, but now I am thinking it's alkaline because the hydrangea turned pink. Darn. I thought I would be able to grow nice blue hydrangeas!


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