Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh, the Treasures I Found!

I have had the most amazing day. It's nearly 4:00 p.m. and I never did get that flower bouquet done.

I was at the Farmer's Market at 7:30 a.m. Thank goodness I got there early because I found a ton of treasures!! They had everything from junk to this guy in the front who made wonderful objects from cedar wood.

Before I left I stuck $25 in my pocket. I didn't carry a purse. Instead I brought along a tote bag to hold any treasures I might find.

I had my tote filled on the second booth I stopped at! Just look at all these treasures I got for only $11.75! Vases, magazines, a book, a flamingo, a magnificent candle holder (I think it's a chicken with accented with gemstones), a pair of Dutch shoe planters...

I have seen these cast iron corn muffin pans many times. They are usually about $10. When I saw this one for $2, I grabbed it. It's incredibly heavy. I can't wait to use it.

See that flamingo? I am really into flamingos lately. Yesterday I finished a flamingo quilt block and today I bought this little cutie. What is it for? you ask.

Well, here it is in my garden.

How adorable! I am just loving this $1 purchase. I even had to change the watering can arrangement to pink flowers to match the flamingo.

Remember that first picture with the cedar arbor and the potting bench? Well, they are now in my yard! The man gave me a great deal since I bought both. DH had to go home and get the truck to transport them.

I spent 3 hours staining the arbor white. When I got done DH did the top. When it gets dry we will put it in the garden and I will show you a picture of it.
The potting bench is sitting on the deck. I need to decide what color to paint it. I am pretty sure it will be aqua with an orange bird house.

Did you notice the Dutch shoes? I planted them with hens and chicks.
I finally had to come inside because it was starting to rain. I need a break anyway.
It's a been a great day.
Since it was a Farmer's Market, I did come home with one veggie--

Aren't these red onions gorgeous? I think they look like artwork.
I hope your day has been equally as wonderful!


  1. Now that's a market I'd like to go to, even though I really don't need any more knick knacks, but your flamingo is just perfect.

    Those glorious onions look like big shiny jewels....may be a bit smelly to wear

  2. I just discovered your garden blog and had to bookmark it for inspiration for my own garden. Your gardens look beautiful!

  3. Your garden pictures are absolutely beautiful! You have a great eye for putting things together. I LOVE the arbor and potting bench. You certainly did have a good day! Jean

  4. Oh Zoey..I just knew you would find some treasures..I love the potting bench! And what a neat idea to put hens and chicks in the Dutch shoes!!

  5. the arbor and the potting bench are great! wow!

  6. Look at you finding the great treasures! Love the arbor and potting bench. And I love the $1 finds just as well. Good work Zoey!

  7. My husband and I very much enjoyed your finds. Great placement, BTW.


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