Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obedient Plant

About seven years ago I went on a garden tour and saw a big mass of a very delicate blooming plant. I asked the gardener what the plant was.

Obedient plant.

I had never heard of it, but went right to the nursery after the tour and bought two one-gallon containers of it in two shades of purple. This is the lighter purple. It somehow escaped my vigorous disposal efforts from the past two years. At first I was happy that it was spreading so nicely. I kept digging up sections and planting them in many of my other gardens. Before I knew it, the stuff took over!

I've been pretty successful in getting rid of it in most of the areas. Now I think I am glad I missed this area. It's a nice big swath, which I like, and it's growing in an area that is almost pure rock 3 inches down so my plant choices are limited. I think I will leave it here.

Here is the distant view so you can see it in relation to the rest of that garden. It's on the front right--just look at the flamingo head. You may need to click the picture if it's cut off on your monitor. You can see the blooms are quite small. Any idea what this bloom is? This is a macro shot of just a tiny element of the full bloom.

If you guessed globe thistle, you're correct.

Every year we garden bloggers have to get the requisite pic of a bee on the thistle.

Time for me to get ready for work. Yesterday was a rather pleasant 10-hr day getting caught up from the four days I missed last week. The Big Kahuna did a fine job taking care of a lot of my work. After today I will be all caught up.

I hope you all have a great work day today -- whether at home or elsewhere.


  1. Well Zoey doesn't sound like that Obedient plant is very obedient but it sure is pretty!
    Love the Globe Thistle too.

  2. I've never heard of the Obedient plant either but it`s lovely and as you said, I`m glad you didn`t manage to get rid of all of it! lol

    I never would have guessed that was a thistle...such a terrific macro shot you got of it, as well as the bee.

    I caught up with your last few posts I had missed and I must tell you how much I love the Fall heart wreath you made and also love the idea of the old lawnmower and the scarecrow:-) I can`t wait to take out my Fall decorations but going to wait a couple more weeks yet. It feels like we`re just starting our summer over here! lol xoxo


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