Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Extolling the Virtues of Sedumn Autumn Joy

I worked outside Sunday for 7 straight hours. In addition to the potting bench project I showed you, I painted the shutters for the house while DH did the annual washing of the siding. Painting the shutters was my easy job for the day.

The task that took the most time and energy was replanting a garden in the front yard that I have been working on since last July.
This area had that awful creeping coral sedum in it. I started removing it over a year ago. It took repeated applications of weed killer and digging to get rid of that plant. At first I tried to save the creeping phlox, but the only way I could get the coral carpet out was to kill everything.All of the dead debris is gone and it's finally ready to redo.

I wanted to fill it in with Sedum Autumn Joy to match the area on the opposite side of the driveway that I replanted a few weeks ago. So I went to the rockwall garden and started digging up Sedum AJ. I think I moved about twenty plants to the front yard.

Now both sides of the driveway have the same planting. Nothing but shrubs and Sedum AJ which is so easy to care for. It rarely needs watering. (Acutally there are tulips in both areas for the spring. I think the SAJ will work nicely to cover the dying tulip foliage--I tell you it's just a wonderful plant!)The only thing that I have to do is cut it all down in the spring--which is a huge task for me because I have so much of it.

I love this plant in all stages of its growth--from the light green fleshy foliage, to the flowers which turn from light pink to dark burgundy in the fall.
I have more spots of it all along the front border.
There is also a bunch of it in the bench apple tree border directly across from this area, which you can see a bit of in the third picture from the top of this post.

I also have a TON of it in the roadside gardens. Here is a picture from early September last year.

In just a few weeks it will be pink from this area to about 200 feet down -- all across the front of my house. I think it's going to look nice. I hope so after all that work!


  1. Zoey:

    It's beautiful. Can't wait to see it in a couple of weeks.

  2. Zoey I think you should have had all your blogging friends together for a work day..just imagine the progress or the damage..grin
    Beautiful yard..my gardening gloves are off to you! (bowing here)

  3. You put me to shame-you are an extra hard worker out in your gardens! The hardest thing I did was to dig out that pesky ornamental grass that was taking over my daylily garden. I can't tell you how much better it looked-it needs weeding again.
    The SAJ is a cool plant. I have some of it around. I think it looks great out front at your house.
    You asked if I bought another Cape May chart and I did-a blackwork (you use all the same color and it's more line work than cross stitch) of about 6 of the famous Victorians.

  4. About 6 years ago, my sister in law gave me a part of her Sedum and it does so well every year, I can keep separating it and moving it around. I've given so much of it away since I don't really have the room. Right now I have 2 plants in my back flowerbed and 1 in front....they're huge this year! You always work so hard in your gardens but the end results are always beautiful:-) xoxo

  5. I ended up with the same sedum last year. I had no idea it would die back over winter (well what we call winter in Southern California). I was devastated, but left it in the ground, and was thrilled when the hearty greenery started up again. The heads are still green, but I love the texture. Your gardens and your energy in tending them are an inspiration.

  6. I bought my SAJ a few years ago at a garden center's end of season clearance. The plant did not look very nice at all, but for $3, I took the chance. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my SAJ... as you said, it looks great at all stages of growth. It is a staple in my flowerbeds :)

  7. Sally,you can bet I will be showing the pics when it turns pink. I especially like the light pink color.

    When can I expect you to arrive? :)

    Dianne, I have been working hard lately. In the begining I did not work very hard and it is really taking a lot of extra effort to get everything up to snuff!

    Pea, That's how I got so much -- by separating it evey year. I love free plants!

    Welcome! I love how it looks as it's coming up every spring.

    Welcme to you, too! Three dollars is a great price for an almost perfect plant (in my humble opinion).


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