Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Silence is Golden

I came home from work today to find six men on my roof wielding shingles and air compressor hammers. It was so noisy inside that I left to go shopping for a while. I thought they would leave around 5:00 p.m. When I got home shortly after 5 p.m., they were still up there. I tried to sit out on the deck and read a book, but that air compressor was sitting out there, too. Every few seconds it would make a loud noise as they nailed.

I asked them how long they were going to work and one of them said, "Until it's done."

"Are you really going to do the whole roof in one day?" I asked.

"It looks like it." They are men of few words.

I expressed my sympathy for their long work day and went inside. Call me selfish, but really I was most sympathetic to my having to listen to the dreadful noise for a few more hours.

I holed up in my computer room and turned on the television which did little to muffle the sounds from above.

A few minutes ago I realized that it was silent for longer than sixty seconds. I looked out the window and they were just pulling out of the driveway.

Ah, blissful silence!

Look way up near the top of this tree.

Can you see the nest?
I zoomed in so you can see it better.
It's a humongous bee's nest! Thank goodness it's way up high so nobody can bump into it.

Yesterday I finished this pillow and put it out on the deck glider.

While I was sitting out there looking around I spotted something new in my little garden by the garage.

It took me a moment to realize that these are 'Green Star' gladiolus that I planted on Easter Sunday. I am just thrilled that they are going to bloom. I had completely forgotten that I planted them. The flower itself will be green. Can't wait to show you a picture.


  1. Isn't that a nice surprise when a bloom appears that you forgot you planted?? grin
    I can just imagine the noise of the air compressor and nailers..yikes! But now you have a new roof and all is well.
    That nest up in the trees is quite high but do keep an eye out for those bees..they probably are there because of all that flower nectar..

  2. ew that nest is huge!
    I can't wait to see pix of the flower. I love when stuff pops up that I forgot about.

  3. That's quite a bee's nest!
    I discovered one yesterday too...It was under a flat stone and I found it (rather they found me) as I was weeding. They gave me four of five good stings!

  4. Did you have the entire roof done? We had ours re-shingled a few years ago and I spent a lot of time outside.
    That is one big bee nest! They are so interesting the way they are built.
    And that looks like my kind of glad-love that it's going to be a chartreuse.

  5. My goodness, I didn't realize I had missed so many of your posts! Please know that I've read them all:-) Remind me not to take so many blogging breaks, it's too hard trying to catch up afterwards! lol I'm just loving all of your flowers and I'd so enjoy sitting out there to admire them all.

    I remember when we had our roof shingles redone, I ended up leaving for the day because I couldn't stand the noise! lol

    Oh wow, that is a huge bee nest! We had one under the eaves at the front of the house when we had just moved here and I remember E putting the hose to it full blast...the queen bee was trying to get at him but he kept the water going right at her and she finally drowned. I was safe inside the house looking out the window! lol

    I received a Breck's catalog for the first time a few weeks ago and saw that they had the Ice Cream tulips and I'm so tempted to order them! Is it you that has those?? They have so many wonderful flowers but it looks like it can get very expensive as well! lol xoxo

  6. Don't wasps build that type of nest? I've never seen bees build a hive in the open, bees like the cover of darkness inside dead trees or inside the hollow spaces of buildings. I'm sure that a wasps' nest.


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