Sunday, August 30, 2009

As August Ends, A Few Plants Shine

The globe thistle is at it's peak.

Just beginning are the double yellow daisies of 'Annette's Flower', so named because my SIL, Annette, gave it to me. All across my gardens the Sedum Autumn Joy is just beginning to blush. Of all its color stages, I like the light pink best.

On the deck, two dahlias star. 'Park Princess' is still shooting up it spiky pink petals.

This red dahlia came in a pack of 'Rembrandt' dahlias I ordered from Breck's. The other Rembrandts all have splotches of a second color. These don't so I wonder if they are in fact Rembrandts. Whatever they are, they are my favorite red dahlia thus far.

This fall I am going to repot a container mixed with these red and the pink 'Park Princess' above. Don't you think that will make a container to be noticed? I love red and pink flowers together.


  1. Everything looks so lush...not quite the final bow correct?
    And the Dahlias are gorgeous! That would be neat to mix the pink and red since they are in the same color family.

  2. Your gardens are lovely as always! I love the color of the smokebush and it should look great with the hydrangea. You are so clever when making pots! I'm never happy with mine in the end. Good reason not to do too many! Jean

  3. Almost, Dianne. There's still a flower or two left--white phlox and asters.

    Thanks, Jean. I never used to be happy with my annual containers, but with the dahlias and cannas, I am quite content. What I love best is they all come back every year and I don't have to do anything except divide them every few years.

  4. Pics of your flower garden are such a treat..thank you Zoey:)

  5. Zoey - you've given me such a great idea - PLANT THE DAHLIAS IN CONTAINERS!!!!! YAY! No more digging at sundown on threat of the first frost of the season! I looked up the Paper Panache 'flamingo' - looks like fun. Did you do this one yet? As always, your blog is a TREAT! Thank you.

  6. The Red is so beautiful. I saw where upper Michigan is really cold for this time of year. Hope your garden is ok.


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