Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Bet Everyone is Sick of Seeing Black-Eyed Susans

For most you they have probably come and gone by now. But for me they are just beginning their best bloom. So please bear with me as I toss out a picture or two.

This burst of golden yellow is all that is left from last year's major removal of the overgrown masses of Black-eyed Susans next to the main arbor. Do you see that the big Sedum Autumn Joy behind it is turning pink? It's a sure sign of fall.
You can see here that even though I removed wheelbarrow loads of BE Susan's last year, I still have plenty left. Can you see the bit of Obedient plant that is still left in the front of this border? I thought I had it all out last fall. You are right, Betty, it's not a very obedient plant!
When I got home from work I found this big plant had fallen over. It's in an old plastic pot with a bottom that is smaller than the top. . . not good for large plants.

Luckily I had that new container I just bought. I just put the old container inside the new one. It will work until the season ends. I will then replant everything and toss the old plastic pot.

After work today I ran to the library to return a bunch of books from last week. I was drawn to the cookbook section and grabbed a few to skim through this weekend.

I always get in the mood to cook when September rolls around.

I had about 20 minutes to kill before my nail appointment, so I went to the boat harbor and sat in my car and skimmed one of the Ina books. I like her books because they have narrative as well as good recipes.

Maybe I will find some new recipes to cook this weekend.


  1. I like Ina too, she seems like she'd be neat to know in person.
    I have a singular Obedient plant out front that is white and really didn't spread that much. It's under an evergreen and planted with lots of other perennials too. Hmmm. : )

  2. I really love the gardens! The Black Eyed Susans are beautiful. The south is beginning to look a little like fall, not because of cooler weather but shorter days.

    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Dianne,
    I always think the same thing about Ina. Maybe that pine tree will keep the Obedient plant in control. Hope so.

    Thank you. I really hate it when the days get shorter. I don't mind winter, but I wish it was still light until 9:00 p.m.!

  4. Oh no, I never get sick of seeing Black Eyed Susans, nor do I ever tire of purple coneflowers! Mine was past now, so it's a pleasure to see yours. Thanks for the heads up on Obedient plant, I'll make sure to avoid it.

  5. I never tire of seeing black eyed susans..winter will be here soon enough and then we won't be able to enjoy them. I too don't mind winter but would like longer daylight.
    Love the look of your recipe books..so get cooking girl! :)

  6. I'll never get tired of seeing Black Eyed Susans because they have been one of my favourite flowers ever since I can remember:-) Mine are just starting to bloom and I'm so enjoying them.

    Let us know if you find any good recipes in those books!! I need to find zucchini recipes...got tons of zucchini ready in the garden!! xoxo

  7. I found your blog from a google search on a non-garden related topic. I'm so glad to know of your blog. This year we moved to a home with space for a garden. I grew tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables this year to get started.

    I would REALLY love to learn more about growing perennials in my front and back yards. I look forward to your future (and past) posts and all that I'll learn from you. I live in the rocky mountains- zone 6 I think.


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